High Sierra Glamping

Glamping is often about choosing how much you want to “rough it” and how much you want things to be taken care of for you. Glampers headed for the Sequoia High Sierra Camp have two options for hiking into camp; a 3/4 or 12 mile trail hike to the camp. For those hiking the longer route it’s more challenging but the camp at the end eliminates the need to carry food and everything else. You can still enjoy the comforts of soft beds and hot showers.

Sequoia High Sierra Camp has 32 canvas tent cabins that provide comfort yet blend in naturally with the surrounding environment. Each tent is approximately 330 square feet and stands on a permanent platform. The best part is the artisan furniture, king size beds, and high-thread count sheets. Knowing this is what awaits you motivates you throughout the entire 12-mile hike.


Now that sleeping arrangements are provided for, let’s talk food because being in the great outdoors definitely works up an appetite. Three robust meals are include at the camp. Breakfast is served buffet-style every morning with fresh fruit, vegetable frittatas, and the traditional bacon, eggs, and potatoes. For lunch, guests pack their own picnic of deli sandwiches. Gourmet California and Mediterranean-style dinner under a canvas-roofed pavilion is enhanced only by the stunning sunset views and good company of other travelers.

The camp’s main bathhouse has private shower stalls and flushing toilets. The soap, shampoo, and towels are all provided of course. Additionally there are bathrooms located throughout the camp and within close proximity to the tent cabins.


As you would expect, the Sequoia High Sierra Camp has a deep committment to environmental preservation. The camp’s owner, Burr Hughes, is architect with a master’s degree in sustainable design. The camp is designed to blend in seemlessly with the environment. Most everything is made from renewable sources and the camp’s power comes from a low-emission generator.


Sequoia High Sierra Camp’s natural surroundings provide innumerable options for adventure activities and restful leisure. Hiking trails nearby range from easy loops through meadows and more intense scenic mountainsides. Fisherman are encouraged to bring their own gear and enjoy the lakes and creeks that surround the camp. Bring along your nice camera because the majestic Sequoias and royal blue skies are waiting for you. At the end of the day don’t go to bed before star gazing. The night sky is dazzling in the absence of all the city lights. Horseback riding is also available through the Horse Corral Pack Station.

Learn more about the Sequoia High Sierra Camp.

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