Treehouses for All

Ever wanted to live out your Swiss Family Robinson fantasy? How about just wanted to live amongst the branches? Why not hop on one of this year’s hottest glamping trends and give a treehouse a chance for your next trip?

Whether you want something rustic or luxurious, there is a hideaway in the trees out there for you. Not only do treehouses provide all the luxuries of a cabin on the ground, most importantly they provide amazing views of rainforests, valleys and mountains.

Rustic Surf Lodge

Bukubaki Eco Surf Resort is set within the pine and eucalyptus forests of Portugal.

Bukubaki Eco Surf Resort in Portugal gives the modern treehouse seeker a place to rest their head, in between all of the adventures. Here you can hear the howl of the wind, the lapping of the waves and look out onto the pine and eucalyptus forest. This isn’t your childhood treehouse. This is a modern take on an old classic, starting at $150.

Quirky Treehouses in Ohio’s Forests

Find this little red treehouse in the middle of the woods of Ohio.

If nostalgia is more your thing, The Mohicans Treehouse in Ohio has you covered. These are your treehouse clubhouse all grown up. Here you get a view of the Mohican forest as you cozy up in your treehouse getaway. These classic wood treehouses were built with modern conveniences and feature sustainable design. Starting at $195, the Mohicans treehouses will deliver the rustic vibe you want in a treehouse.

If you’re a river adventurer, River Road Treehouses in New Braunfels, Texas has 6 treehouses overlooking the beautiful Guadalupe River. Right outside your treehouse is a 1.5 acre river park, free for your usage. The treehouses combine a mix of rustic with all the modern luxuries you want (like air conditioning, Wifi and TV). For around $300 a night you can experience the fun and fantasy of sleeping in the trees.

Luxury by the Lake

Enjoy scenic lake views from this luxurious treehouse.

Lastly, if modern luxury is what you need, La Pinte du Vieux Manoir outside Berne, Switzerland is the place for you. $650 a night gets you this glass beauty overlooking Lake Murten. With floor to ceiling glass windows, you have an unobstructed view all around you.

Glamping in a treehouse lets you feel like a child again and live your out of this world treetop fantasies. Take your next trip to the next level and we’ll see you in the trees.








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