Glamping Australia

Roughing It, Royally

How Britain’s William and Harry see the world. From palaces and princely hotels to oil-magnate mansions and mega-yachts, members of the British royal family stay anywhere they please. But how do they prefer to experience the great outdoors? You might be surprised to find out just how down-to-earth Princes William and Harry really are — […]

Best of the Outback

The Australian Outback is not a place you can just wander into on your own (unless you’re Mick Dundee). To approach this 2.5 million square miles of rugged terrain and its countless deadly creatures, a fearless guide is essential. With local recommendations and a ton of research, all signs pointed to Adventure Tours’ Kakadu National […]

Abel Tasman at its Finest

Sea kayaking 12km is one the most rewarding outdoor experiences…especially when there is a luxury lodge at the finish line. On our honeymoon around the world, we had dreams of exploring New Zealand’s Abel Tasman National Park—without the use of a tent and camp stove. Enter Wilsons Abel Tasman. They are the only outfitter in […]

5 Reasons Why Glamping Should Be Your Next Family Vacation

Glamping is a new form of vacationing that will take any family trip to whole new heights. Glamping ensures you and your family will have a fun adventure in the outdoors with the luxurious amenities of hotels. Glamping is an opportunity for any vacation to be more than a vacation that takes family time to […]

Glamping on Moreton Island

Glamping, a new global trend, offers outdoor enthusiasts an upgraded travel experience. Moreton Island Adventures, located in Australia, has just announced the arrival of glamping at Castaways. Moreton Island is considered Australia’s premier natural island destination. The island’s features include, white sandy beaches, crystal clear water, freshwater lakes and lagoons. The glamping accommodations on the […]

Glamping on Cockatoo Island

Cockatoo Island in Sydney, Australia used to be an island that held inmates and little orphaned girls, now this Island has recreated itself into a luxurious glamping destination. Glamping on the Island is camping without all the hard work and with all the luxurious needed for the perfect experience. On Cockatoo Island, the guest’s tents […]

Six of the Best Australian Glamping Camps

Camden Courier has named 6 of the best Australian glamping camps. According to the Courier, Flash Camp, Nightfall Wilderness Camp, The Escape, Paperback Camp, Ikara Safari Camp and Tanja Lagoon Camp are the the 6 best locations for glamping camps in Australia. The Flash Camp offers mobil safari tents that go where you want them […]

Travel Pulse’s 4 Best Glamping Destinations

Travel Pulse has named the 4 best glamping locations around the world, and the reviews are in. The four best locations for glampers are, The Resort at Paws up in Montana, Whitepod in Switzerland, Longitude 131 in Australia and the Hobbit House in England. Each glamping destination has a unique touch of the outdoors with […]

Small Town, Big Luxury Glamping in Queensland

“People thought we were mad.  They wondered who the ‘new-to-town’ crazy women were.” Ruth said as she looked at Marion with a slight laugh and a smirk.  Their non-verbals told a story of triumph, creativity, and drive.  I knew I liked Ruth and Marion already – they were visionary, tough, and not willing to let […]

Desert Luxury at Longitude 131

I looked out of my plane window and saw a reddish-orange desert landscape peppered with a surprising amount of green shrubs.  I stared at the flat, barren land surprised at how vibrant it was.  This isn’t at all what I expected from Australia’s desert and outback.  However, this vibrant color in the desert was the […]