Glamping Among Mayan Ruins

La Lancha is a glamping destination a world away from the norm. The rainforest setting and nearby Mayan ruins of Tikal give La Lancha a unique and wonderful atmosphere. The pace of life slows down here – it’s an ideal destination where you can’t help but be present in the moment. Let the pace of life really slow down as you explore the Petén region. La Lancha is a charming 10-room lodge and rainforest casitas hidden away in the rainforest high above the shores of Lago Petén Itzá. La Lancha is part of the Coppola Resorts family of hotels and resorts. The lodge and rooms are decorated with art and furniture from Bali. Relax and slow down, La Lancha is a refuge from hectic life.


The casitas give excellent views of the the lake and rainforest and feature a queen-size bed. You’ll want to take time to relax in the hammock on the covered deck, and maybe take an afternoon nap. Visits from friendly howler monkeys right up to the edge of the deck leave no question of the natural surroundings.


Tikal is the epicenter of Mayan spirituality and the most striking visual sight while staying at La Lancha. Five monolithic temples rise above the jungle canopy. Buried deep in the rainforest are the ruins of more than 3,000 structures. It’s the small details like the moss clinging to the steps of ancient temples and plazas that make you feel like a true adventurer. The temples and ball courts tell the story of a rich and powerful empire and is considered an archaeological wonder of the Americas.


A short distance from La Lancha, the Lago Petén Itzá can be explored by boat. In the lakeside communities of San Jose, Santa Barbara, and Flores you can walk narrow cobblestone streets lined with shops featuring local arts and crafts. Other highlights include a museum with Mayan artifacts and a very prominent cathedral.

La Lancha features an open-air restaurant situated under the main lodge’s thatched roof. Enjoy a meal and the spectacular views of the rainforest and Lago Petén Itzá. The parakeets and other wildlife provide the background ambience. The menu includes authentic Guatemalan dishes like Chilaquiles and Suban Ik. The rooftop bar serves Guatemalan rum and Belize-brewed beer – it’s a great place to quench your thirst and take in the beautiful panoramic views.

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