Glamping Asia

Enjoy Ancient Japan with Modern-day Comfort

Japanese culture has a quiet elegance and understated grace that captures anyone it touches. Though it is easy to appreciate, the culture is much more difficult to experience first hand. These aren’t a people who over-share, and the typical two-week vacation isn’t enough time to get into their inner circle. Unless, of course, you stay […]

Firefly Bali: Waking up in a Rice Paddy

As a nomad traveling the world in search of unique accommodations, I’ve noticed that the glamping trend has accelerated partly due to the emergence of short-term rental marketplaces like Airbnb and These websites enable creative, local proprietors to offer their hospitality on a small scale, resulting in a boom of unique lodgings available across […]

4 Rivers Floating Lodge

If you build it, they will come. These are the famous last words of real estate developers across the world who try, but fail, in their bold attempts to create something out of nothing. Occasionally, however, someone with an exceptional vision, perfectly executed, manages to prove the old adage true. Enter: 4 Rivers Floating Lodge. […]

Sandat Glamping: Truly Glamorous Camping

Normally, when I think of “glamping,” I imagine camping… with with a touch of glamour. You know, a few modern day amenities like a real bed, electricity, and maybe an ensuite bathroom if I’m lucky. What I don’t typically imagine is a luxurious safari tent that could very well appear on the cover of an […]

La Cocoteraie Ecolodge: Glamping on Gili T

After spending a few weeks on the ever popular Indonesian island of Bali, we were excited to take a step off the beaten path and visit a nearby chain of tropical islands called “The Gilis.” The Gilis are three specks of white sand known for their beaches, laid-back atmosphere, and freedom from motorized vehicles — […]

Escape to Gili Eco Villas

Leave the cars and paved roads behind, and come to a place where horse carts and snorkeling fins are the best way to get around. Gili Trawangan is in a string of islands off of Lombok, Indonesia and a world away. To embrace its charms and create a true getaway for family and friends, the […]

5 Reasons Why Glamping Should Be Your Next Family Vacation

Glamping is a new form of vacationing that will take any family trip to whole new heights. Glamping ensures you and your family will have a fun adventure in the outdoors with the luxurious amenities of hotels. Glamping is an opportunity for any vacation to be more than a vacation that takes family time to […]

Touching Tibet: Songstam, Meili

As close as you can get to Tibet without a separate visa, Meili snow mountains feels like a piece of the heavens. Though we traveled three days deep into Deqin to get here, Meili’s beauty is so accessible it felt too good to be true. Mountains like this usually don’t come without porters and oxygen […]

Rustic Glamping- Camping with a Touch of Posh

The idea of glamorous camping is the combination of two things in apparent diametric opposition- camping, which is sleeping in the elements, with glamor, which refers to luxury. Here we visit properties on the other end of the scale for a more rustic travel experience. These are accommodations for those of us who are more […]