Spotlight: Red Kite Tree Tent

Every so often you come across a place that is remarkably simple but still captures your imagination. The Red Kite Tree Tent is the UK’s first ever tree tent.

Everything about the tent is clever. The tree tent is a lightweight, permanent frame tent made from aluminum and shaped wood. The spherical structure is approximately 10 feet in diameter and hangs between trees rather than built into the tree like a traditional treehouse. It is designed to have a minimal impact on the environment. It’s a stunning structure that manages to blend in with the natural environment. Red Kite Tree Tent is hidden in the trees within the extensive woodlands surrounding Red Kite Barn.

001redkitetreetentPhoto: Red Kite Tree Tent website

The interior is cozy and spacious enough to comfortably accommodate two adults. There is extra storage available underneath the floor if you wish to tuck away your personal belongings. The tent is supplied with electricity for lighting and should you need to plug in a gadget or two. The tent is accessed by crossing a small bridge and then up onto a raised platform. The raised wooden platform is where you will find the entrance to the tent as well as bathroom facilities, toilet, sink, and wood-fired shower

The double bed folds away to make a sofa during the day or evening. Thick wool felt, thermal liners allow for year round glamping. There is even space for a log burning stove that comes in handy on those extra chilly nights. The stove is an unexpected luxury for camping in the trees. On the ground below, there is a seating deck by the stream that makes the perfect place to sit by an outdoor fire and watch the sun go down.

008redkitetreetentPhoto: Red Kite Tree Tent website

The Red Kite Barn is 80 acres where you are free to wander and explore including taking a dip in the natural plunge pool. The woodland area provides guests with privacy and distinct sense of seclusion. Outside of Red Kite is the National Trust Woodland. Barn Owls, Woodpeckers, Cuckoos, Red Kites, and Swallows are regular visitors. There is a great view of the night sky with very few lights around to impede the view.

Visitors enjoy a variety of adventure activities in addition to bird watching and amateur astronomy. The list of activities includes pony trekking, mountain biking, fishing, and strolling in the woodlands. If wander far enough you can enjoy a hearty meal and ale the The Red Lion pub in Powys. Depending on when you stay there are markets, music, and festivals throughout the year.

The Red Kite Tree Tent is the type of getaway that encapsulates a welcome feeling of simplicity. If comfort and simplicity are part of your mantra then check out more at the Red Kite Tree Tent’s website.

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