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Drifting off to sleep in a cozy bed of quilts under a canvas roof is how each day ends at Storm Creek Outfitters – located on the Montana/Idaho border. Let’s explore what happens during the day to get a clear idea of what your vacation here will be like. The West is now just as comfortable as it used to be wild, thanks to glamping experts like Storm Creek Outfitters.

Storm Creek Outfitters brings you to the heart of the West to experience one of our nation’s largest wilderness complex’s in comfortable luxury with warm western hospitality and gourmet food. Guests access Storm Creek by way of Darby, Montana, a small western town that is the gateway to the Selway-Bitterroot Wildnerness. Darby also plays host to national events such as Logger Days,  the EBR sanctioned Bull-O-Rama Rodeo, and  “Cowboy Mounted Shooting” competition during the summer months. We’ll discuss more things to do later on.

Storm-Creek-FoodImage: Storm Creek website

In the days of the Wild West when a cowboy rode into a ranch looking for work, the first question he asked was, “Who’s the Cook?” If the cook wasn’t known to be good the cowboy rode on to the next outfit. Storm Creek takes their Dutch Oven cooking seriously!  You can even join the cook for an afternoon of hands-on cooking and we aren’t talking beans-n-weenies. How about Tuscan Roasted Lamb with mint apple pesto or Beef Short Ribs en Daube with polenta? It’s safe to say that you will not go hungry during your visit.

Today, the landscape remains much the same as it was in the 1800s. You can still hike or ride horses down the same well worn trails enjoying the magnificent unspoiled scenery. On the Montana/Idaho State line lies the Southern Nez Perce Indian trail. This historic trail was once among the frequently used routes by the Nez Perce Indians traveling to and from their buffalo hunting grounds. Famous trappers like Kit Carson, miners packing their gold, traders and other early adventurers also used the trail.

The Frank Church River of No Return and the Selway –Bitterroot Wilderness combine to create the largest wilderness area in the continental US. These wilderness areas offer solitude and pristine beauty. Seldom will you cross paths with another person as you travel the trail past an old Indian grave and see the telltale marks left on trees by trappers baiting for small game. What lies before you is a mind boggling 4.2 million acres of wilderness.

Storm-Creek-BedImage: Storm Creek website

Storm Creek cabin tents are havens of comfort; set on raised platforms and thoughtfully decorated to create a charming coziness. Rugs cushion your soles and wood stoves keep you warm on colder nights. Bunk with family or friends in tents that are arranged with a queen bed or bunk beds. Privacy is paramount in these tents where rustic charm meets upscale amenities. Good-natured simplicity, our vault toilets, are meticulously kept clean and fresh. Chamber Pots are discretely placed in each tent for middle of the night necessities.

Adventures are easy to come by in the relaxing summers or peaceful winters. Hiking, fly fishing, horseback riding top the list of things to do experience the wilderness. Wintertime here is a surreal winter wonderland. Snowmobiling, snowshoeing, and skiing are excellent choices to keep you busy. Storm Creek also provides learning experiences where you can learn orienteering without a GPS, learn Dutch oven cooking with the chef, or learn mountain horsemanship skills. It’s easy to connect with nature in a place where wildlife outnumbers people.

Imagine yourself here cozied up to the wood stove after a wonderful gourmet meal paired with just the right wine all the while surrounded by mountains and trees, and an unending clear sky. It’s difficult to think of a better use of those vacation days you worked so hard to earn.

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