Mobile French Nail Salon in Airstream Trailer

Gloss’UP of Paris has introduced ‘Le Nail Truck’ a business that seemingly blends glamping with an upscale French nail salon. Recently featured on, Le Nail Truck is best described as a “beautician on wheels” and the logical next step in a world of food trucks and other mobile services.


Airstreams have always held a special place in the world of glamping. ‘Glamping’ is a new word for the same ideas that Airstreams have been central to for decades. Although originally built for private use, it’s a modern idea to have a 100% refurbished Airstream available for rent in an exotic location. Airstream glamping can be found from California, Belgium, and Spain. Airstreams are the perfect mix of retro, comfort, and adventure travel.


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  1. Le Nail Truck is really awesome. By the looks of it, I’m sure that the customers will have a great experience visiting here. I always like people trying different ways to attract customers. This one is the best I have seen.

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