Why Do Celebrities Love Caravanning?

The traditional perception of caravanning is that it’s the domain of Mr and Mrs Boring, bumbling along on their annual getaway to the Keswick Pencil Museum. However that perception seems to be changing. The Caravan Club currently has 1.7 million members and each year it sees a 40% rise in advance bookings. No longer are caravans the sole pastime of pensioners and eccentrics – young people and families can now see the attraction, and so, it seems, can celebrities.

Being in the public eye at all times must surely be draining, hence why a number of celebrities are drawn to caravanning. It offers the opportunity to get some peace and quiet, the chance to be on the move away from all the hype, as well as the ability to stay one step ahead of the paparazzi…

Here’s a list of some high-profile caravanners and the reasons why they find caravanning so attractive.


Katherine Jenkins

Katherine Jenkins

She’s got the looks, the voice, and the charisma to match, however the Welsh classical singer has said that she feels most content when she’s away from it all. One of her happiest moments was when she was with her mum, dad and sister in their little touring caravan in France playing card games for pistachio nuts!


Jarvis Cocker

Jarvis Cocker

Jarvis is the English singer-songwriter best known as the frontman of the alternative rock band Pulp. It seems his vehicle tastes are correspondingly alternative as he is often spotted on the King’s Road in London driving his Toyota mobile home.


Tara Palmer Tomkinsin

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson

Tara is no stranger to the outdoors being perhaps most famous for her infamous appearance on I’m A Celebrity in 2002. She came in second place and went on the following year to open the Caravan and Leisure Show at Earl’s Court. She always likes to keep up to date with the latest caravanning models on the market and currently owns a cute little custom-made caravan, which she hopes to be making the most of this summer.


Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Martin, Jay Z and Beyoncé

Two years ago it was reported that Gwyneth Paltrow and her husband Chris Martin had organised a caravanning trip with Jay Z and Beyoncé along the coast of Florida. Although this was intended as a quiet getaway, in order to give Jay Z and Chris Martin some quality down time after their whirlwind tours, they travelled in a huge luxury Winnebago.


CHeryl Baker

Cheryl Baker 

The Bucks Fizz singer who won the Eurovision Song contest in 1981 is no stranger to the limelight, however it’s been said that she likes nothing better than to hitch a caravan to the back of her Austin Allegro and drive down to Cornwall for the summer.


Rowland Rivron

Rowland Rivron

Roland is the television host of a number of travel shows, however it wasn’t until he was aged 42

that he began taking an interest in caravanning. He has been quoted as saying, ‘I’ve no idea who it was that said ‘all good things come to those that wait’ but with me and ‘vanning’ they couldn’t have been more on the money.” Rowland is featured in the image to the left driving away with his brand new Bailey Ranger.

Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver

Jamie is well known for his down-to-earth, no-nonsense, cooking style, and it seems this rustic spirit rolls over into his choice of transport. He currently drives a converted 1959 Porsche-powered VW Spiltscreen Camper when moving between locations for his TV series. It is, of course, complete with a cutting-edge kitchen and stylish interior.


Patsy Palmer

Patsy Palmer

The EastEnders veteran is a frequent caravan user and takes regular trips to Sheerness on the Island of Sheppey in Kent with her family. Although she says she prefers her luxurious holidays she continues to caravan because of her children. She says, ‘If you get a good campsite, then it’s just heaven for them.’

Patsy has also come up with an innovative way to ensure she catches the sun no matter where she travels with what she calls the ‘Tanvan’. This is a caravan which has been fitted out as a mobile tanning shop! She takes it along to summer music festivals and offers fake tans along with her range of tanning products for the fairer skinned.

Gary Numan

Gary Numan

The new wave post-punk singer Gary Numan has strong ties to the caravan, and in fact liked them long before they were considered ‘cool’. He used to holiday at Weymouth with his parents when he was a boy.

After his initial success with Tubeway Army at the end of the 1970s he went out and rented one of the big caravans on the site, thinking he was really ‘lording it up.’ Gary likes to put on a show for sure, but it seems his heart is where the home is.


For those people who want to live the celebrity lifestyle whilst enjoying the great outdoors, Glamping.com offer various quiet getaways all over the world. Gwyneth and Tara would no doubt feel right at home staying at the Silver Bullet Retreats in Florida, taking a Combitrip around Chile, or driving a 69 Camper across the South of France – all enviable trips where rusticity meets vintage style and luxury. There are numerous classy outdoor trip options on offer, not all of which are confined to caravanning: whether you decide to stay in a tent, yurt, airstream, hut, villa or treehouse, you’ll experience the pleasures of the countryside furnished with all the amenities associated with a hotel.




GMC Uses Glamping in Marketing Campaign for the 2014 GMC Sierra

In a marketing campaign for the 2014 Sierra Truck, GMC invited lifestyle and automotive writers and editors to experience glamping. Their mission was to have the editors of national magazines experience the lifestyle of owning a GMC Sierra. It was reported that, editors from the Los Angeles Times, Vanity Fair, Huffington Post and Car and Driver were in attendance.

Screen shot 2014-05-23 at 1.35.30 PM

GMC’s special guests were greeted with the new Sierra trucks and then attended GMC Trailering Academy to learn how to safely tow their weekend accommodations, vintage Airstream trailers. After the safety course, guests drove the Sierra trucks with Airstreams in tow to the GMC Base Camp at El Capitan Beach – an already popular spot for glamping (See El Capitan Canyon).

Screen shot 2014-05-23 at 1.31.49 PM

Once there, guests experience luxury camping in a rugged setting. The area at El Capitan Beach was transformed into a luxurious lounge in true glamping style. Guests enjoyed a gourmet dinner, mixed cocktails, hammocks and rocking chairs, games, and roasted marshmallows. Guests drove the trucks to explore nearby Solvang, Fess Parker Winery, and downtown Santa Barbara.

Screen shot 2014-05-23 at 1.33.43 PM

It’s worth mentioning, if you’re looking for the same type of experience, the Santa Barbara Auto Camp there are also plenty of options other places for Airstream glamping.

Outdoor Americana Goes Indoors in Western Europe as Faux Camping Takes Shape

What could be taken for Americana is beginning to take root in Western Europe. Call it “faux camping” or “indoor glamping,” the idea is fun and simple: park several vintage campers in a large warehouse and deck out the space with a fun theme or atmosphere.

Take for instance BaseCamp Bonn  in Bonn, Germany, with 16 vintage caravans, two night sleepers, two Airstreams (and “quite a few other oddities to stay for the night”) parked inside a former storage facility, which now serves as an indoor campground. With its neon lights and street graffiti, BaseCamp Bonn has a young, urban feel to it, and bills itself as a hostel. It’s certainly not your typical hostel, claiming to be “the coolest place in the world- well, at least people say that’s what it is,” as the accommodations were customized by an acclaimed German television and film set designer, Marion Seul.  But another claim that it is “the only indoor vintage faux campground of the galaxy” does not hold up.


A mere 600 kilometers away (hardly a galactic parsec) in Berlin lies the Huttenpalast, an indoor vintage trailer park with exquisite touches that give it a more well appointed character. It was founded in 2009 by designers Silke Lorenzen and Sarah Vollmer. Guests may spend the night in an old caravan or a wooden hut in a former vacuum-cleaner factory decorated like a quaint cottage environment. Huttenpalast also offers rooms with in-suite bathrooms sure to impress with high-ceiling, large-windowed factory architecture.


Another option awaits in the beautiful city of Alkmaar, Netherlands, known for its canals, bridges and cheese market, where one can stay at the Indoor City Camping Alkmaar, which features vintage 1960s-era mini caravans located right next to the Victorie Park in the center of town. Each unit comes with a private kitchen and bathroom. The apartment and caravan can also be connected and rented as one larger unit.


Should you not want to leave the States to enjoy the indoor vintage trailer experience, a must-see is Tad Pierson’s trailer warehouse where he runs American Dream Safari tours in Memphis, Tennessee, and has two Airstreams and a teardrop trailer parked in a fun indoor setting.  “In 2007 I parked them in the warehouse, and within 6 months it all took shape,” says Tad. The trailers are not for rent as of yet, but guests of his famous Memphis tours can visit the park, which Tad is considering renting out soon on a seasonal basis.

american dream safari

Glamping is often associated with extravagance of course, but this experiential travel is priced just right: BaseCamp Bonn starts at € 24 per night (about $33US), Huttenpalast begins at € 55 per night and ranges up to € 135 for accommodation for 4 people. Indoor City Camping Alkmaar starts at € 40 per person, and all include a breakfast, bed linen, and wifi. Now you can take that vintage camping trip to Europe and leave the camper at home!