How Glamping Changed Our Trip Around the World

When I first heard about glamping, it seemed entirely too perfect to be real. Combining the outdoors and adventure with luxury and comfort? Stop it. And the definition doesn’t even do it justice—glamping isn’t just an accommodation, it’s an experience. And in providing luxury and security, it allowed us to step outside our comfort zone in new and otherwise unreachable ways. Glamping enhanced our trip immeasurably, gave it height through new adventures, depth through new friendships, and breadth through the diversity of the experiences it allowed.


For our year trip around the world, we wanted it all. It was our dream, and we wanted it to leave no drop of energy untapped, no adventure not had, and no place not seen. We wanted it all, which is an incredibly unrealistic expectation in all areas but one. Enter glamping. Being young enough to love adventure, but old enough to love our comforts, we were in a difficult position to find something that kept us close, but not too close, to the action. And once we experienced the balance that glamping allows, it became difficult to do any other type of accommodation. But glamping was so much more than a place to lay our heads.


Whether it was a cooking class in Japan, drinking rosé overlooking a French truffle plantation, or dune busting in India (don’t ask, just know its amazing!), glamping provides a window into a destination that isn’t possible in any other type of accommodation. The luxurious and safe environment allowed our adventurous sides to take over, and the gorgeous temporary homes provided a fabulous base to launch some of the best experiences of the trip. This says nothing of the incredible people who hosted us at these glamping sites. This is a special type of person, and that type of person is our favorite. They provided us a home, and when you’re traveling for 54 weeks straight, this is an invaluable gift. Our time at these glamping sites allowed us to refresh and reset, and we’ll forever feel grateful to the people around the world who made that possible.


Our trip around the world was an indescribable experience, and glamping enhanced it in luxury, adventure, as well friendships. The accommodations aren’t only some of our favorite from the trip, but the experiences we had while glamping were the main highlights from our year. By providing us comfort in a trip that could be quite uncomfortable, glamping refreshed our minds and bodies and allowed us to make more of our next adventure. We wanted it all on our year around the world, and in glamping we found it.

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