Glamping in Georgia at The Lodge on Little St. Simons

I have a secret and it’s called The Lodge on Little St. Simons.

It’s where the marsh greens pop against sky blues, and your pace is slow enough to notice.  A place where towering oak branches embrace you. Your breathing slows, and your mind stills here.  It’s where you’re the spectator, and nature is the show.  A place where you may be a guest, but it feels like you’re home.  It’s the Lodge on Little St. Simons.

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The Single Most Important and Underrated Factor in Travel

Glamping blog USD value in Vietnam by Blakely Downs

Let’s not sugarcoat this: Currency is synonymous with snooze-fest. But before you zone out, conjure to your mind a 90-minute massage on the beach, endless mouth watering dishes, the convenience of door-to-door service or the comfort of world-class hospitality. Now, imagine it could all be yours. Imagine that, in a single decision, you could make your money worth more. You could increase your budget exponentially, and turn your trip into a luxurious adventure. This isn’t a sleazy trick—it is absolutely possible. Continue reading “The Single Most Important and Underrated Factor in Travel”

Glamping- Best for You, Best for Nature

In our world of shrinking ice caps and growing trash dumps, our consciousness is thankfully turning towards protecting the Earth and providing sustainable solutions to our living. Tourism is no different, and yet ecotourism continues to be something you must seek out in accommodations, not a feature that’s implied. Not so, when you choose Glamping, and suddenly your possibilities for Eco travel explode. With accommodations at all levels of comfort in destinations of every genre, Glamping can consistently provide more ecofriendly options than any other type of travel. And since Glamping also connects its visitor to the nature we’re trying to protect, you’ll leave your Glamping destination more determined to protect the environment you’ve enjoyed.

Singita Mara River Tented Camp, Lamai Triangle, Serengeti, Tanzania. Art Director: Paul Henriques. Stylist: Georgina Pennington. Photographer: Mark Williams. From 02/11/12 to 7/11/12.

Whether it’s a cultural immersion you desire or a relaxing vacation full of sun and little thought, your destinations dreams can be realized without damaging the nature or community you’ve traveled to see. It’s not a surprise that a host who values connecting their guest with nature would also value and prioritize the nature itself, and that’s why Glamping properties are more likely to place a premium on sustainability. And guests don’t have to compromise their travel preference or an iota of comfort in order to travel responsibly. Enjoy a gorgeous thatched roof cabin in Japan where, when the roof gets replaced, it becomes vital fertilizer to the surrounding farmers. Or an Ecolodge and organic coffee farm in Nicaragua that operates solely on solar and hydroelectric energy. Love solar energy but hate coffee? Travel to the tented camps in Tanzania for ultra luxury in African style, powered by the solar system. Not into animal watching? Venture to the uber chic and ultra sustainable cabins in Slovenia. Or the gorgeous Bamboo hut in Hawaii. Or an all-natural EcoLodge in Israel. On and on and on, with millions of varieties of vacation, yet no variance in dedication to preservation.


The benefit of this variety means you’ll be connecting with the nature that you identify with most. This means you won’t only be sustaining the nature around you, but refreshing and nourishing your love of this planet that will push you to continue on the road towards no imprint travel. Because there is still work to be done. And a Glamping vacation will energize your resources and firm your resolve for the ongoing fight for our planet and our future.