Glamping Is Reaching A New Audience

It looks like television shows have caught on to the evergrowing trend of glamping. If you didn’t know, now you know, glamping is becoming increasingly popular and a couple of TV series are taking their stars on glamping retreats. Whether it is for the mere fun of it all or to generate inspiration, maybe we should all take the hint and give it a try ourselves.


The comedy show called New Girl recently aired Season 6, Episode 3 called “Single and Sufficient”, where most of the crew goes glamping. The group of friends stay in luxurious yurts, go horseback riding, and sing together around the fire pit. Those are only some of the many advantages of glamping, not having to pitch your own tent and getting straight to business… meaning having fun and taking in the stress-free peacefulness of nature.


Project Runway featured a glamping night on Season 12, an episode called “Let’s go Glamping” and took their designers out of their windowless studios and into the woods for some fresh air and inspiration. The crew enjoyed outdoor activities such as zip-lining and river rafting, then retreated to their glamping tents after a chef prepared dinner. With comments such as “It’s fabulous”, “I like glamping, it’s my favorite thing to do now”, and “I love it and I never want to leave”, viewers will be drawn to trying an experience alike for themselves.


Both shows have at least 6 seasons under their belt and I can’t deny having watched both on planned occasions and while skipping through channels. The number of viewers who have just caught a glimpse of glamping for the first time through television has obviously increased the number of people who now have a better idea of what glamping is all about. We only hope the word keeps spreading, inspiring property owners to share their hidden natural gems and non-campers a way to experience the outdoors in comfort.

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