Huvafen Fushi: Serene. Visionary. Naturally Modern.

Huvafen Fushi, located on the islands of Maldives, is a true glamping resort in a tropical paradise.  On this little atoll, you are completely surrounded by the serene blue water of the Indian Ocean.  At Huvafen Fushi, which means “Dream Island” in Dihvehi (the native language of Maldives), guests are pampered with immaculate accommodations, creative gourmet dining, and an abundance of outdoor activities that take advantage of the vast playground this pristine beach offers.

Accommodations at Huvafen Fushi range from luxurious to “over-the-top” lavish.  The bungalows at this posh resort may look traditional from the outside with their thatched roofs, but on the inside they are full of modern technology, sleek design, and extreme relaxation.  Bungalows may either be situated on the beach or on a pier perched over the water, with the ones on the pier featuring areas of the floor made of glass so that guests can view the water below.  Gadgets abound in these modern bungalows, which feature a Bose indoor/outdoor music system, plasma televisions, and Bang & Olufsen phones.  Each bungalow boasts a large ensuite bathroom, and a private plunge pool, but perhaps the most impressive amenity of all is the view of the clear, blue water of the Indian Ocean.


For guests looking for supreme extravagance, Huvafen Fushi offers the Ocean or Beach Pavilion.  The Ocean Pavilion is built out 200 meters over the Indian Ocean for complete privacy.  This luxury home features its own freshwater infinity pool that blends with the ocean horizon that serves as the backdrop.  The Beach Pavilion, which is approximately 800 sqm, has its own private beach.  The upstairs master bedroom of this two-bedroom luxury home, has a glass floor to provide views of the fiber-optic lit, infinity pool below.  Each pavilion offers access to your own Thakuru, or personal butler, 24 hours a day.


Dining at Huvafen Fushi is an experience like none other.  For a laid back experience, indoors or outdoors on a white sand covered deck built over the lagoon, guests can dine at Celsius, which features a selection of global cuisine and fresh ingredients.  For a unique dining opportunity, guests can enjoy fare at RAW, where all food is freshly prepared and served, you guessed it, raw.  You’ll never believe that food could taste so good uncooked.  For a more upscale dining experience, there is Salt, which prides itself in serving seafood freshly caught from the Indian Ocean as well as an extensive wine list.

Activities abound in this tropical paradise.  Days can be filled with snorkeling where guests can view a coral reef alive with marine creatures and colors so bright, they appear to be out of a painting.  Big-game fishing provides a unique opportunity to yield a bounty of barracuda, Mahi-Mahi, or tuna.  For a bird’s eye view of the Maldivian atolls, guests can ride in a seaplane, perfect for taking photos.  Guests can also take a ride on a luxury Dhoni (a traditional sailboat of the Maldives) to view the sun as it sets over the water. For an unparalleled experience in relaxation, guests can indulge themselves in a spa treatment at Huvafen Fushi’s exclusive underwater spa. That’s right, it’s underwater – with windows which allow guests to view schools of fish just on the other side of the glass.  This sanctuary of requiescence is lavished with delicate fabrics that mimic the ocean life just on the other side of the glass.