Spotlight: Moose Meadow Lodge Treehouse

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind bed and breakfast experience in New England, look no further than Moose Meadow Lodge in Vermont. Located amongst 86 secluded acres in the Green Mountains, sits the Adirondack style Moose Meadow Lodge.

Above all, this secluded destination provides peace and serenity. Undoubtedly, the Treehouse at Moose Meadow offers the most unique experience. This glamping treehouse is a handcrafted two-story wonder. This is the perfect destination to feel close to nature and not forego any creature comforts. There are 29 windows in the Treehouse – you’re never far away from the surrounding forest. Structurally it is made of cedar, pine, maple, and hemlock and supported by two sturdy, mature pine trees.


Photo: Moose Meadow Lodge website

The main living area of the treehouse is on the first floor with a wrap-around deck. The bedroom is on the second floor and has a queen-size bed – not too shabby for sleeping so high above the forest floor. The balcony on top is the highest perch from which you can gaze into your natural surroundings and the beautiful Vermont sky. Young or old, treehouses like this one light your imagination on fire. What more could you ask for than comfort and warmth while surrounded by rugged beauty?

There is no bathroom in the Treehouse, but one happens to be nearby in the main lodge. I guess you can’t have everything in the world of treehouses. Still, it’s a small sacrifice for staying in such unique lodging, even if a flashlight trip in your slippers is required in the middle of the night.


Photo: Moose Meadow Lodge website

If you need more excitement than the lodge’s 86 acres can offer, Waterbury, Vermont is centrally located for enjoying the area’s most popular destinations, events, activities, and entertainment. Waterbury is the gateway to all types of recreation and is home to some of the world’s best specialty food companies.

The most important thing is that you can relax and surround yourself with natural beauty. The wooded outdoors and luxury lodge-style interiors and furnishing make a refined but casual atmosphere. This is chance to get away from the crowded feeling of regular life. Think of Moose Meadow Lodge as a rustic home away from home.

Find out more about Moose Meadow Lodge and take advantage of your next holiday from work or plan a getaway for an upcoming special occasion.