Surprise Your Flock With a Glamping Hen Party

When you think of a hen party (that would be bachelorette party to Americans), does a glitzy location like Las Vegas or New York City come to mind? Been there done that? Why not get creative with a glamping weekend in the great outdoors that the hens will be talking about for years to come?

A glamping hen party marries (pardon the pun) the beautiful outdoors with creative accommodations for a fun weekend of bonding with your favorite gal pals. Adding essentials like hot tubs, glasses of bubbly, someone else to cook and spa treatments takes the weekend from ho-hum to unforgettable.

If you’re the hen planning the party for the rest of the flock, here’s a list of questions to ask of your glamping destination:

Heather Katsoulis smores
Who does the cooking? The answer to that question depends on your budget.

Luxury glamping at Paws Up Resort in Greenough, Montana, includes all meals. Hens will want to pack cowgirl dress-up clothes for dinner at the resort’s fine dining restaurant, Pomp. At Fireside Resort in Jackson, Wyoming, camp butlers will cook your meal over the campfire, upon request. Although luxury yurt stays at Wellspring Ranch on California’s Central Coast include breakfast; at night, hens will giggle over wine as they cook dinner in the outdoor kitchen.

paws up cowgirl roundup
What will we do?

Too much time gossiping around the campfire is not a good thing. Choose your glamping spot with everyone’s interests in mind. Active hens will enjoy hiking or horseback riding followed by bar hopping in the local town. And, of course, everyone needs a spa day. Is there one on the property or close by?

wellspring ranch yurt
What about a packing list?

By all means, include packing suggestions in the hen party invitation. Alert your guests to any special equipment like hiking shoes or warm clothes to wear around the campfire at night. And, just because this is a glamping hen party, doesn’t mean that the flock can’t dress up, so plan a special night for all the hens to put their bling on.

lastonein bandanas
What extras will add the spice to the party?

It’s the small extras that make a party into a special occasion. Give each guest a goodie bag made from a red check bandanna (or color that’s appropriate for the bride). What’s inside? A flashlight, bag of trail mix tied with a colorful straw bow, plastic champagne glass for sipping bubbly around the campfire and a S’more kit for a gooey dessert.

And you thought Vegas was the only place to celebrate with the hens.

Image Credits: Nina Hale, Heather Katsoulis, The Resort at Paws Up, Wellspring Ranch, Lastonein.

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