Why Glamping is the Best Way to Travel Green

Eco-minded, green travel focuses on conservation and sustainability with education and social consciousness as a backdrop. As a result, glamping is the perfect way to travel green.

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Travel Pulse’s 4 Best Glamping Destinations

Travel Pulse has named the 4 best glamping locations around the world, and the reviews are in.

The four best locations for glampers are, The Resort at Paws up in Montana, Whitepod in Switzerland, Longitude 131 in Australia and the Hobbit House in England.

Each glamping destination has a unique touch of the outdoors with the luxury of a hotel.

The locations will offer varying amenities, but the goal of glamourous camping is to provide a real experience in nature, with the comforts of the indoors and these places do just that.

Check out Travel Pulse’s article: The 4 Best Glamping Locations Worldwide for more information on these luxurious resorts.

The Resort at Paws Up, Montana

Whitepod, Switzerland

Longitude 131, Australia

Hobbit House, England

High Above the Panamanian Pacific

Are you a mountain or beach person? Why choose when you can have both. Set at an elevation of 3,116 feet above the Pacific Ocean in a forest with rivers and lakes, Luxury Camping: Altos del Maria has the best of the mountains with panoramic views to the seas. Altos del Maria is an exclusive community 60 miles south of Panama City that has recently opened this boutique Glamping property for those looking for a taste of the good life.


Luxury Camping: Altos del Maria is set on 7,000 acres in the El Chamo region with trails ascending its peaks and dipping into the cloud forests of the Continental Divide. The average temperature here is a pleasant 75 degrees keeping the flowers in bloom and the wildlife thriving year-round. The Audubon Association even gave a nod to the area for its incredible biodiversity and 276 species of birds! Bird watchers get your binoculars ready!

3. beds-luxury-camping-panama-deluxe

Keeping the property intimate and maximizing guests’ contact with nature, Luxury Camping: Altos del Maria has five free-standing suites. The luxury tents open up to views of the Valle Maria and the Pacific. Two double beds and an en-suite bath make them ideal for families.


Perched on its own little hill and garden, the Camping Suite. Tucked away on its own little hill and garden, the Premier Camping Suite is a yurt for the modern nomad.

5. bathroom-bedroom-central-luxury-camping-panama-suite

The Yurt’s circular walls with lattice pattern and woven cupola make for a truly stunning space. Further enhanced by chic furnishings and a luxurious bath, it’s where every couple wants to be.

6 yurt-luxury-camping-panama-suite

Walk out to the private terrace for 360-degree views of the Valle Maria, mountain peaks, and ocean. Add coffee and it’s the perfect way to wake up.

7 peras al vino

Senderos Restaurant is the culinary heart of Luxury Camping: Altos del Maria. The name translates to “trails” and is the pinnacle of international cuisine in the area. The menu takes inspiration from Europe, Asia, the Americas, including the surrounding region. Panamanian dishes to try are the Sancocho stew and a dessert of wine-marinated pears.


Take a picnic to one of the six panoramic viewpoints or take nature walks along the property’s five trails, including one to the impressive El Chorro waterfall. Tennis and mini golf are also available if sports are what you crave. Plus, rappelling is coming soon!

9 coronado-Panama

If the beach beckons you closer, the Panamanian Rivera is only 30 minutes away, starting with the curving coastline of Coronado Beach.


Easy to access from Panama City airport, but a world away, Luxury Camping: Altos del Maria makes choosing between the exotic beaches and lush mountains of Central America an easy decision.

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