Severin Safari Camp

Sometimes you just need to getaway to a safari camp in Kenya. Severin Safari Camp is an easy recommendation to give. It doesn’t get more authentic or close than Severin. Guests of Severin experience a unique combination of adventure, recreation and wellness. Few people have seen the dazzling display of colors that you get while watching the sun set near Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Severin Safari Camp is hidden in the remote Kitani Wildlife area of Tsavo West National Park overlooking Mt. Kilimanjaro. The eco-friendly luxury camp offers a unique combination of adventure, wellness and relaxation for the sophisticated traveler who loves romantic pampering and unique wildlife experiences. The camp is unfenced to allow wildlife to crossover to the waterholes. No need to worry though, Masai warriors guard the ground 24-hours per day and escorts accompany guests to and from their tents. Experiences of being so close to nature like this are a rare treasure in our modern world. And, safari camps definitely fit into the glamping style of traveling.


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Severin Safari Camp has an elegant natural design. The tents and suites feature handmade wooden furniture in a traditional African style. The camp is perfectly integrated; the lounge and restaurant area is open and provides a wonderful panoramic view. Severin’s octagonal tents come fully equipped with running hot and cold water, shower, toilet, comfy beds, and private terrace.

In addition to tents, the Kitani Lodge is located in nearby and offers 8 Bandas for self-caterers. The Bandas are equipped with kitchenette, own bathrooms and beds. The mosquito nets give you a feeling of the authentic Africa. From the covered patio guests have a direct view on their private campfire from where they can watch the passing animals. A large variety of wild animals seek the floodlit waterhole at night providing amazing wildlife viewing experiences.

SPhoto: Severin Safari Camp website

Tsavo National Park is recognized as the third largest national park in the world and rich with great herds of elephants, giraffes, zebras and impalas. The park’s 22,000 square kilometers offer a lot to explore on game drives. The camp is very sensitive to preserving the ecosystem and ensures that the camp does nothing to interrupt the fragile system. Solar cells and strict waste management systems top the list of Severin’s efforts.

In rugged safari vehicles driven by Severin’s experienced guides guests see the “real Africa.” The drives take guests closer to wildlife than most have ever been. The panoramic views from the vehicles are breathtaking. The animals are surprisingly active after the sun sets. Night drives equipped with spotlights illuminate the secrets of the African wilderness. Severin’s Masai guide will even take you around on foot for a unique experience.

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Severin is informal and it is recommended that you pack for comfort. Don’t forget the sunscreen, binoculars, and sunglasses. Occasionally Tsavo can get cold at night and the early morning, so be sure to pack a light waterproof jacket.

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