Spotlight: River Dance Lodge

Names of places are sometimes just names and don’t necessarily add to the image in my mind. However, for River Dance Lodge in Idaho, it’s different. It’s becomes obvious very quickly that this glamping destination is set in an exciting river setting. The name “River Dance” evokes an image in my mind of celebration for the river environment. There is so much to do here, it is like a carnival of a outdoor fun.

River Dance Lodge doesn’t disappoint when it comes to accommodations. River Dance is one of Idaho’s finest guest ranches and features hand-built log cabins. Rugged luxury is a contrast of ideas that seem natural here. A cozy cabin is an ideal refuge after a day of adventuring on horseback, rafting, hiking, and fishing; we’ll talk about activities more in-depth later on. Whether it’s your first time or has been too long since the last time you (insert activity name here) afterwards you’ll need a rest and probably want to soak in a hot tub. River Dance builders also thought that was a great idea. So, you can soak in a private hot tub and gaze upon the forested mountains – after a long day of adventuring, you deserve it!

imagePhoto: Brad Moss

Now for the main event, let’s talk about River Dance’s glamping tents. River Dance has placed comfortable canvas tents right alongside a rushing creek. The glamping trend is unique in that it is a modern trend that uses retro equipment like canvas tents to achieve its goals. Not that I’m complaining, it’s just interesting. If nothing else glamping is reactionary to a hyper-connected world. People want to get back to nature but don’t want to sleep on the hard ground. River Dance has furnished its tents with king-sized beds and a wood-burning stove. River Dance took one more step in the name of comfort by adding an antique claw-foot tub with a propane burner to heat the water. Nights of roasting marshmallows under the stars have never been so comfortable.

Vacation planning is a daunting task, which is why all-inclusive packages were invented. Sometimes it’s okay to treat yourself on vacation and free yourself from the stress of planning a vacation. Remember, it’s supposed to be relaxing! It’s a benefit of all-inclusive packages to have an idea of what you’re getting and paying for up front rather than be surprised by your credit card bill after all the little things have been added up. The other good news is that River Dance is a small resort that can afford to give its guests extra attention and care.

DSC_0120Photo: Brad Moss

I have a lot of appreciation for resorts that operate lodging and activities and do it well. It’s a complicated task. Luckily, River Dance Lodge’s owners Betsy Bowen and Peter Grubb are seasoned veterans when it comes to adventure vacation. They also own and operate ROW Adventures who operates the activities for you at River Dance Lodge. With over 30 years experience you know you’re in good hands.

Every season brings something unique to River Dance. The resort responds by providing experiences that highlight the best of each season. The thought of visiting more than once may occur to you now, but it will definitely happen when you’re on the last day of your stay here. Horseback riding in the Bitterroot Mountains is fabulous. There are trails from the Idaho guest ranch to hot springs and it’s possible to ride up the Selway River and go fly fishing.

DSC_0290Photo: Brad Moss

Your tent/cabin can be just as much of an experience as any of the more active adventures. You may even want to spend the bulk of your time relaxing and enjoying the freedom of a clear agenda. River Dance has a defined atmosphere of warm hospitality that fits well with families ready for fun or for romantic getaways for couples.

To learn more or to start planning your trip visit River Dance’s website.

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