Prix Villégiature Awards 2015

Prix Villégiature Awards 2015 have been announced and glamping properties are among the nominees.

The jury of the Villegiature Awards is made up of 22 renowned journalists and foreign correspondents that cover the five continents.

The finalists have been carefully selected from the nominees for the 2015 best hotels in Europe, Africa, Asia and Middle East.

Glamping or “glamorous camping,” is a trend that has recently been gaining a lot of popularity!

This trend gives you an opportunity to get in tune with nature and have a one of a kind experience in the great outdoors, with the best amenities as well as plush interiors for all your needed creature comforts.

Check out the glamping destinations that were nominated and are sure to give you the perfect glamping getaway that will leave you wanting more.

Sandat Glamping Tents, Bali – Indonesia
Sandat Glamping Tents in Bali, Indonesia has been selected as a finalist to receive the award for Grand Prix of the Best hotel in Asia. Sandat offers accommodations for a limited number of guests and each one offers you a far away from the world glamorous camping in Bali, an Island that is considered to be one of the most exclusive destinations in the world. Lost in nature are five luxury tents that are nestled in a private and lush tropical garden that overlooks a private infinity pool as well as a forest of coconut palms. Each tent is decorated individually and guests can choose their preference according to the decor. They accommodate up to 3 adults. The tents are equipped with a large indoor bathroom, where originality and elegance continue to characterize the environment. In addition, they have a shower with a flat cross-section of lava stone and ceramic sanitary ware and offer guests a panoramic views over the garden to relish in colors of the surrounding nature. These magnificent eco-designed structures offer a unique experience in contact with nature without giving up the comfort and luxury of sophisticated furnishings that characterize the structure.



Glamping Canonici di San Marco, Mirano – Italy
Glamping Canonici Di San Marco in Mirano, Italy has been nominated and selected as a finalist to receive the award for Grand Prix of the Best Charming Hotel in Europe. The Glamping Canonici di San Marco offers you a delightful and historic environment that is nestled on peaceful countryside between the Venetian Lagoon and the River Brenta. In the charming rural scenery that surrounds it, this glamping resort is set in the context of a seventeenth-century structure where native trees and orchards will make you feel one with nature without giving up modern comforts. After an intense day exploring the surrounding cities, the lodge is intended to be your refuge. This glamping destination is the ideal base for a cultural, social, eno-gastronomic or sporting stay, allowing you to rediscover sacred harmony that only contact with nature can generate!




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