New Glamping Business for Australian Island

Glamping accommodations for Rottnest Island are underway as authorities seek private developer for facilities behind the island’s most popular swimming beach.

The site behind the basin, currently used as a wastewater treatment plant, will be freed up to allow campgrounds that will include four star glamping infrastructures.

The plan is in line with the island’s 20-year strategy that was finalized this year, which advocates private operators taking over half of the island.

They plan to shift the treatment plant and then use the popular island for eco-tourism.

John Driscoll, Rottnest Island’s Authority Chairman, expects the glamping infrastructure to be quick and relatively simple to build in hopes it will transform the area.

The idea of this proposal is to maximize the location while offering locals and travelers accommodations of being outdoors and conducting the business like an hotel.

With enacting these plans, they plan to improve on the economics and accommodate more eco-friendly tourism for the island.

Glamping is an eco-friendly trend that is becoming popular across the globe within the travel industry.

For more on this new glamping location check out The West Australian’s article, “Glamping Business for Rotto.”

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