Le Clos de Saires

There is a secret part of France that most don’t get to experience. Of course, the French known for their impeccable elegance and style, and these are what most travelers see. We rush through on our ten-day jaunts and arrive back on the tarmac breathless, albeit impressed. But this doesn’t allow time to get to the heart of the French, and enjoy their greatest trait (yes, one that even exceeds their chicness!). And anyone who’s ever been a guest to a Frenchman knows that by far their greatest trait is their extraordinary charm and hospitality.


But how can we get this added to our vacation? For those of us who don’t have a friend in France and can’t spend three-months warming up our French neighbor, is it hopeless? And what if we don’t want to choose, but still also want France’s elegance and style? Is there possibly a place where you could get all three?


Yes. Le Clos de Saires, owned and operated by the spectacular Fabrice and Anne, is the culmination of all things wonderful about France. Enjoy a cuisine, cooked up by head chef Fabrice, that makes you close your eyes and mmm with every bite. Enjoy your rooms, decorated by Anne with the graceful style the French have perfected. And throughout the grounds, enjoy a charm that permeates every molecule, and soak up enough that you can carry it home with you.


Le Clos de Saires is located in the lush French countryside. The accommodations range from safari tents to large apartments, and they’re the perfect answer for a couple getaway, family reunion or even wedding weekend. Surrounded by orchards, forests, and pastures, the grounds are cushioned from the stress of the world and exude a peace unfound in most corners. Watch your neighbors, gorgeous horses with their newborn fowls, gallop and play around their meadow. Sit under the flower-laden veranda while you sip grape concoctions famous from the region.


If your family isn’t the sitting type, Le Clos de Saires is also ideally situated to highlight some of the best attractions in France. Be it mansion touring, nature watching, or wine tasting, you’re not far from a variety of activities to entertain and delight a range of preferences. But be sure to be back by mealtime so you can sit down to Fabrice’s table d’hôtel for yet another delicious feast.


Fabrice learned to cook in his mother’s kitchen as soon as he was old enough to hold a whisk. What’s equally important as his skill is his love of cooking. And one of his favorite parts is sourcing all of his produce from the local farmers in the area. He knows exactly where to buy exactly what he needs. And he does all of this while making it look effortless, as only the French can. Anne and Fabrice seem genuinely confused when I press for more details on this process. Yes, of course we only buy fresh produce from local farmers. Yes, of course this is homemade made from scratch. Yes, of course my menu changes each day depending on the markets. After these questions, I was grateful they were the model hosts, so full of kindness and courtesy. Otherwise, they would’ve said “You barbaric American, yes we do things the right way! What other way is there?”


Le Clos de Saires is a haven of everything wonderful about the French people. Anne and Fabrice have infused their property with elegance and charm, yet also warm and welcoming. Everything from their table to their linens shows a devotion to the highest standard that will never be compromised. And they themselves exude a kindness that immediately sets guests at ease and protects your vacation in a world of gracious hospitality. And once you’re back at home, you can draw strength, peace, and charm back into your world by remembering your time with Fabrice and Anne at the fabulous Le Clos de Saires.

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