La Pinte du Vieux Manoir

La Pinte du Vieux Manoir, set in Switzerland’s gorgeous Lake District, is as fabulous as it sounds. The elegance that permeates every corner of the property is matched only by the gracious hospitality of each member of the staff. Further afield, you find a quaint village that seems bent on charming all newcomers at every turn. But the real winner, if it’s possible to pick, is the property’s spectacular restaurant. These and many other factors culminate into the epitome of grace and charm that is Le Pinte de Vieux Manoir.


La Pinte du Vieux Manoir’s property sits lakeside on substantial grounds that include many accommodation options. From the the Lake House, the Railway House and the Glass Diamond, there’s an option for everyone. We stayed in the Lake House and were delighted from start to finish. Perfect for a couple or a group looking to get away, the lake house’s décor exemplifies understated elegance. The bright airy rooms are as comfortable as they are chic, and the view of the lake from the large windows will make your jaw drop and your mind still. The house is situated a minute walk from the restaurant and this allows convenience without sacrificing privacy. You’ll feel a million miles away, yet only need a short walk to get to dinner or the village. But before you leave, have La Pinte de Vieux Manoir set up a relaxing massage to be had in your room. You can thank me later.


The village is a moment away, and from there you can sightsee and stroll to your heart’s content. Not surprisingly, we chose to do a bit of all. The town’s ancient city wall holds gorgeous views of the lake and surrounding hills. Take a ferry across the lakes to enjoy seeing the town and surrounding vineyards from the water. And while out, it would be a travesty to not go to the neighboring vineyards to taste Switzerland’s best kept secret. Planted by the Romans, these grapes yield delicious Pinot Noir and white wines. Since Switzerland vineyards rarely export, this is a treat that you simply must take advantage of. La Pinte du Vieux Manoir can set up any of these activities, and they have exceptional relationships with the vineyards since their restaurant serves local wines. Which reminds me, don’t stay at the vineyards too long. You don’t want to miss a single meal at La Pinte du Vieux Manoir restaurant.


Specializing in seasonal dishes with a modern twist, this restaurant is one of the best in the world. Head chef Rudolf Reetz creates classic French dishes with his own unique interpretations. Miraculously, in his modifications he doesn’t sacrifice a molecule of flavor, even to go so far as improving these age-old recipes. It is spectacular to experience. The menu is constantly changing, not only with the season, but because many locals come to the restaurant multiple times each week and Reetz likes to keep them surprised. The meals use fresh herbs from the garden, and they make as much of the food as possible themselves. If you’re able to glance away from your plate, you can soak in the restaurant’s peaceful ambiance and gorgeous views. You’ll likely be saddened when dinner is over, but don’t despair. Reetz hand delivers a charming breakfast basket to your door in the morning! The basket is full of deliciousness, and it promises that your day at La Pinte du Vieux Manoir will be as fabulous as the last.


La Pinte du Vieux Manoir exudes elegance and comfort with ease and class that must be experienced in your lifetime. Whether it’s enjoying the stunning lake views, marveling over Reetz’s latest culinary achievement, or simply strolling the grounds to soak up every corner, you’ll adore every moment spent in this special place. You will leave refreshed and better able to take on the world, and dying come back for more.

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