Italy Creates Epic Treehouse Apartments

Italy’s new Treehouse apartments will bring back nostalgia from anyone’s childhood.

Treehouse’s have become the the new trend in housing as well as the travel industry.

The best example of treehouse housing is located in Turin, Italy, where they have designed brand new treehouse apartments.

These treehouse’s are designed by Luciano Pia, an Italian architect, who created this eco-friendly concept.

The apartment building is called 25 Verde (25 Green), it stands 5 stories high and has 63 rooms that resemble a beautiful forest.

25 Verde, integrated around 150 trees into it’s eco friendly design, which means less pollution and keeps noise to a minimal for residents.

With this design, the trees absorb toxins that are in the air, caused by pollution from cars, as well as creating microclimate during the seasons.

Microclimate, makes the treehouse apartments cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter for residents.

In addition, the walls are ventilated which allows the sunlight to stream through during the day.

Also, the tree’s leaves provide shade when the sun gets too harsh.

This beautiful Italian property, will bring childhood treehouse dreams to life for adults.

Source: Huffington Post






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