Is the Glamping Market Under Served? We Think So.

Ryan Hutchings, General Manager of, recently sat down to discuss the glamping trend with Crain’s Chicago Business.

Crain’s Chicago Business sought an in-depth understanding of the growth and opportunity that glamping generates, mainly in the United States.

Ally Marotti, a journalist for Crain’s, presented interesting questions about the glamping industry growth and the glamping market being under-served in the U.S.

Hutchings, echoed the fact that glamping is being both under served in the U.S. and is growing rapidly.

And, regarding the article, “Glamping Resort Planned for Northern Michigan,” speaks to plans for a future glamping site that is raising money to break ground in Alden, Michigan.

In reference to the glamping craze, Hutchings also articulates “It is still spread out across the country. You have a few places in Florida that serve it; you have California, Washington, Montana, and then beyond they are kind of interspersed here and there,” he said. “Unless you live in proximity to one of those places, it becomes a much bigger commitment,” said Hutchings, of the glamping trend.

In addition, has approximately 100 glamping properties in the United States alone, getting request daily, and of these request 20-30% come from the U.S.

This number is significant with an escalating consumer demand for glamping in 2015 and the growth in the glamping inventory shows that the industry as a whole is soaring.

Brad Carlson’s concept of the glamping inventory states, the more glamping inventory declares that becomes available near major attractions or heavily populated cities, the easier it will be to generate demand and fill those beds.

For example, Moab, Utah, is a very popular tourist destinations for Utah natives and travelers around the globe, offering two national parks, world class scenery and remarkable recreation.

Moab Under Canvas, is one of the best models of someone who is taking advantage of the captive population.

“People are much more willing to choose glamping over camping and even hotels if the option is available. Its just not an option in a lot of destinations yet. Weekend getaways and experiential travel vacations that are easily accessible is a huge opportunity,” says Hutchings.

With these statics and information, hopefully this proposed glamping site will break ground soon for Brad Carlson of Alden, Michigan.

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