Glamping Trend Leads Welsh Tourism

The new glamping trend, glamorous camping, sheds a new light to Welsh tourism.

With yurts, pods and domes dominating the tourism industry these glamping destinations are leading the way in terms of profit.

The yurts, pods and domes have the best comfort essentials such as heat and beds, while also bringing guests the best of the outdoors and the luxuries of a hotel room.

“Statistics from the 2013 Wales Visitor Survey showed 69% rated the natural environment, landscape, countryside and beach as the main factor in choosing their holiday destination,” states a Wales Online article.

In addition, more than 100 UK destinations that have added glamping accommodations are seeing a 15% increase in families stays at these sites.

Further growth is expected in building more glamping sites around the UK.

With the recent glamping phenomenon, many glamp site owners are seeing huge profits from the yurts, pods and domes with the demand to stay in them increasing.

Source: Wales Online, “Glamping’s yurts, pods and domes continue to lead way for Welsh tourism.”

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