5 Reasons Why Glamping Should Be Your Next Family Vacation

Glamping is a new form of vacationing that will take any family trip to whole new heights. Glamping ensures you and your family will have a fun adventure in the outdoors with the luxurious amenities of hotels. Glamping is an opportunity for any vacation to be more than a vacation that takes family time to new heights, whether it be in a treehouse or in the mountains overlooking a valley. A glamping adventure will turn in to lifelong memories that any member of your family will cherish.

The top 5 reasons to take your family glamping:


Almost all Glamping Destinations are conservations that are invested in keeping the surrounding area preserved for both the nature and the wildlife that inhabits the area. In addition, the glamping locations like to preserve the land by taking precautions for both the guests and the wildlife. Also, most of the glamping destinations on our website feature locations that use solar power to preserve energy and make for an environmentally safe stay.


Most properties featured on Glamping.com are located on privately owned land, forests, mountains, beaches and even national parks which make for the most unique views and experiences. Each location, for the most part, is isolated from the urban cities offering peaceful serenity, fresh air and beautiful panoramic views, bringing guests back to nature in the most modern ways.

Inclusive Stays

A majority of the properties that offer glamping accommodations offer all inclusive stays. Each location offers unique and luxurious lodging, exquisite food and an abundance of activities that bring glampers back to nature and in touch with their inner selves.


All of the above reasons to go glamping have lead us up to this, what to do while glamping. When staying in one of the many remote locations, one must wonder what will I do all day? most locations offer an abundance of activities, depending on where in the world you are glamping, locations offer horseback riding, zip lining, fishing, kayaking, safari tours, hiking, biking and trekking through the wilderness. In addition to all these fun activities that can make your glamping trip the most memorable experience for you and your family, there are more extravagant activities to really bring your trip to the next level. Some destinations offer helicopter tours, hot air balloon rides, safari tours and more.

Pet Friendly

Because guests aren’t staying in urban areas or hotels, a large portion of glamping properties are pet friendly. That way every single member of the family can join in on the glamping experience!

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