Glamping in Peace

Down the winding roads of the French countryside, past pastures, villages, and ancient steeples, the grounds La Chassagne rests on 33 gorgeous acres. Originally a farm, the Schuit family converted the land into a camper’s paradise—full of greenery, wildflowers, and a peace that permeates even the most devoted city dweller’s heart. There are a variety of accommodation options on the property, but obviously our preference was one of their two-bedroom glamping safari tents.

CampingLaChassagne(Ronnet)_safaritent2 Image Credit: La Chassagne – Safari Tent

The tent is made up of the classic canvas structure, but that is where the typical stops. The floor and furniture are handmade by the Schuit family that has run La Chassagne for over 16 years. Add the personal touches of gorgeous carpet, handpicked wild flowers, and the antique tea set; you have a home that is as charming as it is unique. The Schuit family added a kitchen to the tent as well, and aperitifs on your patio are all that’s needed to complete your paradise.


The forest is a few steps from your doorstep, and it begs to be explored. Dubbed “The Pirate Forest” for the family’s 6 year old boy’s birthday party, the name stuck, and now the path is full of whimsical hand carved wooden creations that make the forest seem even more enchanting than it already is. The lush landscape helps shelter you from all outside stress or troubles, and you can lose yourself (but not get lost, yourself!) on the winding path over brooks and animal tracks.

CampingLaChassagne(Ronnet)_restaurantje Image Credit: La Chassagne – The Restaurant

If you wander closer to the farmhouse, you’ll find plenty of nooks in which to curl up and read, with only the rampant wildflowers to keep you company. The original farm’s buildings have been renovated to fulfill the modern needs, and the Schuits wisely kept the original structures and charm. The cottages, restaurant, and chicken coop blend together as well now as ever before, and they set the backdrop to life at La Chassagne. Have Maarten walk you over to see the new beehives, and learn all you can on the fascinating subject. Or eat from Mary Ann’s table hôtes and experience what French food tastes like with Dutch hospitality. Food warning: you won’t want to leave.


Though it is tempting to spend your vacation within the grounds, you should try to tear yourself away to enjoy the neighborhood. The nearby Mupop Museum for Pop Music was just credited by CNN as France, and even Europe’s, best new museum. Interested in something a bit more antiquated? There is a medieval village, chateau ruins, and endless churches to explore and admire. Or simply take a drive through the French countryside—and wonder, with the multitudes who’ve gone before you, how the French can make dilapidated stone homes and fields of wheat so enchanting. Be sure to make it back for dinner. As discussed, no matter what your day entails, the table hôtes will be a highlight.


Once inside la Chassagne‘s borders, your body’s pace will adjust and your mind will quiet. It is a place to reset, recharge, and remember the simpler pleasures life affords. Whether you stay three days or one month, whether you come as a single, couple, or family of 6, you’ll be better from the visit.

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