Glamping in Georgia at The Lodge on Little St. Simons

I have a secret and it’s called The Lodge on Little St. Simons.

It’s where the marsh greens pop against sky blues, and your pace is slow enough to notice.  A place where towering oak branches embrace you. Your breathing slows, and your mind stills here.  It’s where you’re the spectator, and nature is the show.  A place where you may be a guest, but it feels like you’re home.  It’s the Lodge on Little St. Simons.

Getting There

Drive past the quaint town of St. Simons and continue until you arrive at a small dock.  You’ll feel your stress instantly shift as you drop your luggage for the staff to transport.  For the first time, you appreciate the spectacular marsh landscape without a drop of civilization on the horizon.  By the time you’re on the private boat to the Island, your worries are left on the dock.

The Beauty of a Barrier Island

Wide expanses of pristine nature exist on Little St. Simons

Little St. Simons is a private barrier island that has been virtually untouched for centuries.  The miniscule development done by the Lodge hasn’t imposed on the habitat or the evolution of the island. In fact, scientists travel from all over the world to study the uninhibited nature.  Barrier islands are fascinating creatures, with a constantly and swiftly changing landscape that keeps scientists scrambling to keep pace.  The beach on Little St. Simons grows three feet per year, a remarkable phenomenon that has its more developed neighbors envious.  Accessible only by boat, the Lodge keeps its number of guests small to preserve the island’s habitat.

Laidback Living

The Lodge’s rustic charm
Do as much, or as little, as you want here

Once on the island, you will enjoy a universe where civilization allows nature to reign.  Venture down small pathways to find private hideouts where you’ll enjoy the beauty as if you’re the only person on the island.  Tour the garden to see what you’ll eat later.  You’ve found a time machine, and this is Georgia at its purest.  That impression isn’t dispelled when it comes to mealtime. Exceptional home-style cooking is served family style, and it feels as though you’ve come home for the holiday.

Nature-minded Activities

Naturalist-led activities are a highlight

Though it is possible to sit and admire your vacation away, the amount of activities offered keeps even the busiest traveler sated.  There are two guided activities offered each morning and afternoon. The Lodge’s world-renowned naturalists can lead an exploration of any wildlife or fauna that interests you.  These naturalists are the gem of the Lodge; whether it has legs, gills, leaves, fins, feathers, flowers, fruits or all of the above, they know its diet, habits, mating and migratory pattern.  And they can impersonate its call.

Wildlife Encounters and Eco-Adventures

Kayaking is a terrific way to explore the island
Blakely having a little fun on the water

Go on an expedition through the forest to learn how the island was created and how it’s evolved.  Take a tour of the pond lookouts to admire the gorgeous Roseate Spoonbills or the resident alligators.  Kayak through the marshland and admire the vast array of birdlife, as well as a porpoise or manatee that happen your way.  If you prefer unguided adventures, take one of the bikes or skiff boats available, and set off on an adventure all your own.  Or literally do none of the above, and sit rocking on your private porch to watch the sun move across the sky.  Your hosts encourage all levels of activity to suit your needs.

A Perfect Beach

Little St. Simon Island’s beach

It would be a travesty to miss the beach, as this is where you feel the island really showing off.  Seven miles long without a single house or person in view, it is reason enough for a trip to Little St. Simons.  There is simply no other place like it.

Just a Boat Ride Away

Whether you’re a naturalist by trade, hobby, or vague inclination, the Lodge on Little St. Simons is a spectacular haven unlike any other in the world.  You owe yourself a visit, and the boat ride home will have you longing for your chance to return.


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