A Peek Inside the Glamping Tent from 90210

The elaborate setup (pictured above) is the work of Outdoors Geek, a Denver-based outfitter whose self-proclaimed mission is to make quality camping gear accessible to everyone, at any place, at anytime. Their mission taken literally, means outfitting those of us who prefer luxury camping or glamping to traditional camping.  Outdoors Geek offers glamping options including canvas tents furnished with queen-size beds, couches, and even carpet.


Outdoors Geek was enlisted by 90210 to create a glamping set for their Season 5 episode entitled “Into the Wild” as reported on CNN’s post ‘Glamping’ in style. It’s also worth noting Olympian Ryan Lochte made a cameo appearance in the episode as himself.


In an ironic twist, traditional campers often turn their nose up at luxury glamping comforts stating that it’s not camping and referencing some uncomfortable part of “real” camping. Let’s just agree to disagree about how we spend our vacation time.

2 Replies to “A Peek Inside the Glamping Tent from 90210”

  1. We are developing low cost accommodation here in Australia using a steel framed octagonal shape. Roofing is a very large part of the construction cost. What is the plastic type of membrane we see in some of the Glamping chalets?

    Your advise will be greatly appeciated.

    Sincerely yours

    John Waters

  2. Once you have been ‘glamping’ there’s no going back – especially if you have bored children. I prefer it because I’m getting older and starting to creak. I like my creature comforts and nature: glamping is the answer!

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