8 Winter Activities To Experience On Your Next Glamping Trip

Winter is a time of year where sometimes all you want to do is curl up under a blanket, eat soup, and drink hot cocoa, but it’s actually the most perfect time to get outside and try new things. Here are nine winter adventure activities I’ve experienced and you should too on your next snow-covered glamping stay.

Glamping Blog News 8 Winter Activities Apres Ski - Kristen Kellogg

Whether it’s your first lesson, or you’re a seasoned snowboarder or an off-piste pro, there’s nothing more refreshing than when the cool mountain air hits your face as you take turns down the slopes. Equally as gratifying is the glass of wine and a pot of fondue after a long days work in your ski boots.

Go skiing at Tin Poppy in British Columbia

Glamping Blog News 8 Winter Activities Tobogganing - Kristen Kellogg

One activity that always brings me back to the fun and free childhood feelings is tobogganing downhill.

Go tobogganing at Moose Meadow Lodge in Waterbury, Vermont

Glamping Blog News 8 Winter Activities Snowshoeing - Kristen Kellogg

Snowshoeing is an excellent way to keep warm and stay active at a relaxed pace stopping along your path to enjoy the views while ascending to an overlook.

Go snowshoeing at Tree House Tranquil-a-Tree in Washington

Glamping Blog News 8 Winter Activities Snowmobiling - Kristen Kellogg

A thrilling backcountry experience, hop on a snowmobile and feed your inner adrenaline junky. Many winter destinations even have their own ‘highways’ for use getting to school or work and back.

Go snowmobiling at The Resort at Paws Up in western Montana

Glamping Blog News 8 Winter Activities Dog Sledding - Kristen Kellogg

Being pulled through the snow-laden forest by a pack of huskies eager for a good long run is a truly memorable experience – one for those ready to sit back, enjoy the ride, and maybe snap a few pictures along the way.

Go on a dogsledding adventure at Horses and Huskys de los Pehuenes in Neuquen, Argentina

Glamping Blog News 8 Winter Activities Snow Scooting - Kristen Kellogg

A cross between riding a scooter and snowboarding downhill this is one for the whole family to try. Make sure you wear a helmet for this one!

Try Snow Scooting at Whitepod in Valais, Switzerland

Glamping Blog News 8 Winter Activities Ice Fishing - Kristen Kellogg

Ice-fishing is a patient mans (or woman) activity best done with a group of friends. Depends on the day what you’ll bring in, but half the fun is the conversation and catching up with friends.

Go Ice-fishing at Icehotel Jukkasjarvi in Kiruna, Sweden

Glamping Blog News 8 Winter Activities Ice Bathing - Photo by Lacy

An out of body experience, hopping in an ice-cold lake is an activity you’ll be telling your friends about for years to come. I’m told by locals practicing it regularly that ice bathing helps to push mental limits.

What is on your own winter experience bucket list?

Main Image, Snow Scooting Photo, and Ice Bathing Photo Credit: Lacy Colley Yamaoka

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