Month: August 2013

Spotlight: Tierra Atacama in Chile

One of South America’s best kept secrets is Tierra Atacama in Chile. This eco-friendly lodging facility has a peculiar surrounding landscape to say the least. It neighbors a volcano, marshland, geysers, and salt flats teeming with flamingos. Credit is due to Tierra Atacama for creating an oasis of modern luxury amid such a rugged and […]

Contributing Writer Review: Dunton Hot Springs in Colorado

Located 4 miles up the road from Cresto Ranch is Dunton Hot Springs, which is a 5 star, yet funky resort. Dunton was once a mining ghost town, until it was lovingly restored into a very special resort that manages to maintain the town’s original charm while satisfying the needs of today’s travelers. This place […]

Contributing Writer Review: Cresto Ranch in Colorado

By Jen Bianco, Contributing Writer It was very exciting getting to visit the brand new Cresto Ranch tented camp at Dunton Hot Springs and check out the property for The eight safari-style tents at Cresto Ranch are large (640 square feet) and spread out over the property, providing spectacular views of the surrounding San […]

Whitepod – Switzerland’s Winter/Summer Eco Retreat

Some destinations you just have to “see to believe” – Whitepod in Switzerland falls squarely in this category. Dome-shaped pods 1700 meters up in the Swiss Alps is the stuff of glamping genius. At first glance Whitepod’s geodesic domes look like igloos, and efforts are made so they blend in with the surrounding landscape. In […]

Brush Creek Ranch – Chad Chisholm

By Chad Chisholm, Contributing Writer Wyoming is not typically thought of as a luxury destination as a whole—with sweeping prairies, rugged mountains and seemingly more horses than people, the wide open skies are ripe for a glamping experience. And that experience is found at Brush Creek Ranch located west of Laramie, Wyoming. All-inclusive vacations are […]

Spotlight: Moose Meadow Lodge Treehouse

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind bed and breakfast experience in New England, look no further than Moose Meadow Lodge in Vermont. Located amongst 86 secluded acres in the Green Mountains, sits the Adirondack style Moose Meadow Lodge. Above all, this secluded destination provides peace and serenity. Undoubtedly, the Treehouse at Moose Meadow offers the […]

Glamping is Good For Your Health

Spending nights under the stars is much more than taking a break from your everyday life. Vacations have always been viewed as a great way to getaway and recharge your batteries. Recent research now explains part of the reasons why we feel so good. A report recently published in the Current Biology journal reveals that […]

Spotlight: Marataba Safari Company

There are few places that can be described as mystical and unparalleld, Marataba is one of them. Marataba Safari Company is a place of dreams where the plains touch the mountains deep in the heart of rhino country in South Africa. Marataba is a contemporary, luxurious game lodge surrounded by a world of vibrant color […]