The Resort at Paws Up Day One – Contributing Writer Jen Bianco

I spent a fantastic few hours at the Farmers Market in Missoula with Chef Dale Levitski and Alex and Kyle this morning, shopping for produce for his Last Best Supper tomorrow night at The Resort at Paws Up.

Dale knew all the vendors and made sure I sampled some of the best local produce. I learned a lot about edible flowers, including some he’ll be roasting tomorrow.

It was fascinating to see how hands on Dale is– he had a complicated shopping list and a vision for everything including the flowers that will go on the table.

There was so much produce we even had to load up my rental car full of peaches and onions (which smelled far more delicious than one could imagine).

Then we hit the road to drive to The Resort at Paws Up just in time for lunch. We’re getting ready to check in now.

lettuce fruit

potatoes onions

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