Winter Wonderland Glamping at Colorado’s Vista Verde Ranch

Vista Verde Ranch is located just 25 miles outside Steamboat Springs, Colorado. While most ranches are open during the warm weather months only, Vista Verde also welcomes guests during the snowy season. This dude ranch boasts resort-like amenities, cabins fit for the discerning cowboy, and endless winter activities.

Winter at Vista Verde

Steamboat Springs is renowned for skiing.

The ranch really shines in the winter.

Snow covers the entire property, which creates auspicious conditions for activities like “snowga.” Instructors takes guests snowshoeing out to a cabin to do downward-facing dogs in front of a roaring fireplace. Of course, this is only one of the property’s unique winter offerings. Many people are drawn here for top-notch skiing, sleigh rides, snowy trail rides, and ice skating, all included in the rate. Bucket list adventures like snowmobiling and dog sledding are also available for an additional cost. People who’d rather stay cozy indoors can try their hand at a leather working class and create their own cowboy goods.

Cooler Prices

Winter season has an additional perk: the price. During the summer, a one-week stay can run $5,125 per person versus. In contrast, during the winter the price drops to $3,195. Saturday-to-Saturday stays also include a free snowmobile ride. Plus, there’s only a three-night minimum stay.

You’ll also receive more personalized attention from staff and a more laid-back atmosphere: the guest count doesn’t typically rise above 50 at a time.

The Ideal Den

Main Lodge
Private cabins have a rustic charm.

Vista Verde has 10 private cabins with vaulted wood-finished ceilings. The common spaces are heated with fireplaces that are as warm as the rustic décor. Cabins also feature between one and three bedrooms. No matter the cabin size, each is nestled along the hillside offering gorgeous mountain views, not to mention private hot tubs on the decks.

Individual travelers can also overnight in the lodge rooms, which are named after nearby lakes. In step with the ranch motif, lodge rooms feature western-style art and king-sized beds.

A Taste of Colorado                

Chocolate branded pancakes play on the Western theme.
Meals are equal parts comfort and gourmet.

Thaw out your fingers between cross-country ski runs with weekly beer tastings from the state’s microbreweries. The chef discusses how the beers were brewed and gives tips on food pairing. The resort’s inclusive wine tastings and cooking classes also cater to epicureans.

The main lodge serves hearty, ranch-style meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Most guests live in anticipation of dinner, which alternates between casual meals served family-style and more formal multi-course plated meals.

Celebrate Winter

Vista Verde Ranch makes it easy to embrace winter. Where else in the world do you experience the freedom of being a cowboy and the exhilaration of skiing within the same week?


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