Unique and Unusual Ways to Glamp

On your next trip to Yosemite National Park, ditch the camping and try glamping in a caboose.

A vintage Santa Fe Railroad caboose sits near the park at Oakhurst, California.

This unique glamping accommodation can provide you with the same sleeping quarters that conductors and brakemen slept in when the Iron Horse was king.

As trains were the only means of transportation in the olden days, they were built to be comfortable for the passengers aboard.

Luckily, today’s “glamping” caboose quarters are a like night and day from the when the freight train crews rested on bunks beside a cast-iron stove.

Instead, today’s guests can enjoy a jetted tub, full bathroom, satellite tv, hair dryer, kitchenette, outdoor patio, and scenic views of the golden state.

If you’ve tried glamping, this caboose should definitely be on your list of to-do’s, it’s definitely on ours!

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Alexandria Autrey

Recent graduate from the University of Utah with a degree in Mass Communications and previously the lead writer for Glamping LLC.

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