Gawler Ranges Wilderness Safaris

The amazing thing about glamping is the diversity of locations where you can find it. Take for example Gawler Ranges Wilderness Safaris. The southern coast of Australia rarely tops bucket lists of exotic places to visit, but maybe it should. Glamping has the ability to make any remote destination a five-star vacation. Let’s take a closer look at Gawler.

It’s a small family business operating nature based tours that’s been in business since 1988. Guides provide experiences in the outback and west coast of South Australia, contrasts, wild beauty and rich fauna. The Gawler Ranges, located about 400 miles northwest of Adelaide on the Eyre Peninsula, is the Australian Outback at its finest.

The diverse terrain changes from semi-desert to arid to eucalypt woodland, while the age old volcanic landscape is spectacular with its gorges and weathered rocky outcrops. In Spring, the desert comes alive with a carpet of wildflowers covering the landscape… and has over a hundred species of birdlife. The colors are vivid and diverse. You will also see a lot of kangaroos and wombats. At the end of summer, the grasslands near Gawler are covered in a thick carpet of wildflowers. The landscape in one word is “dramatic.”

camp-photo2Photo: Gawler website

Gawler’s luxury safari tents are set in the stunning mallee wilderness region of the Gawler Ranges in South Australia. This is perfect for the nature lover who really wants to get away from tourist traps and experience South Australia’s finest scenery and wildlife. The curved-roof design keeps the tents cool by always keeping the air flowing. Interestingly enoug, no vegetation was removed from the camp site. It was designed and built using the natural fire breaks that the trees create for their own protection.

camp-photo1Photo: Gawler website

The camp has a central dining room which is mostly open sided but is closed when the weather is not so perfect. The camp is a wonderful place to relax, walk and observe the nature which lives in harmony with our presence. Recycled materials were used in its construction and furnishing, giving it a tastefully rustic look.

Kangaluna Camp has been developed by its owners from a life time of experience on how to best live in this environment and dry climate. Water is collected from the roofs and is the only water source. Techniques are used for its preservation, and best of all you don’t have to sacrifice showers or flushing toilets.

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