The Festivals of the West: Aspen

With spring and summer approaching, Glamping is a great way to spend a weekend with all the activities nature has to offer. But, if you are looking for more activities to do while visiting an area here are a few local festivals to enjoy while glamping in Aspen.

Aspen offers many different festivals featuring music, theater, food and of course wine. All will be apart of the summer long Aspen Music Festival, visitors can become both students and consumers at any of the events that are sponsored.

Between the months of June-August Jackson Hole will debut these events:
June 13-16: 6th Annual Aspen Fringe Festival
June 20-22: Aspen FOOD & WINE Classic in Aspen
June 24-Jul 3: Aspen Institute Aspen Ideas Festival 2014
June 26-Aug 17: Aspen Music Festival and School

For more information on these events check out:

As for lodging, here are a few amazing glamping locations in Aspen, Co.

The North Park Yurts offer glampers the perfect Colorado outdoor adventure. These yurts sleep up to 7 people and have a queen bed, futon, couch, futon chair, kitchen table/chairs, solar lights and fully stocked cooking area.


The C Lazy U Ranch is a perfect place to stay in cozy rustic cabins. The cabins stand-alone on the ranch and feature 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom and a fireplace at the foot of the queen size bed.


The Outlook Lodge: A Place in the Pines

The gentle mountain breezes began to sway the boughs of pine trees situated in front of the wraparound porch, gentle whispers of quaking aspen heard from the back patio as I rocked in my chair sipping an early-morning coffee. Colorado is known for its 300 days of sunshine, and today was not to disappoint. Located in southern Colorado near Manitou Springs, west of Colorado Springs, The Outlook Lodge is perfectly situated in the quiet mountain town of Green Mountain Falls—a location most Coloradans don’t even recognize in casual conversation.


The six-room retreat was originally constructed in 1889 as a rectory to the nearby Church in the Wildwood. Now, the humble abode has become a luxury retreat boasting chic interiors and curated artworks. Touches of timeless charm still pepper the property, while additions such as the outdoor firepit make for a cozy getaway in the sleepy town.

outlook lodge-541


Christian Keese is the visionary and owner updating The Outlook Lodge into the current 21st century abode that it is today. Splitting his time between Oklahoma City and New York, the businessman and philanthropist is visiting the property during the Green Box Arts Festival that he founded in 2007, bringing artworks he owns on loan from the Met as well as dancers from the Oklahoma City Ballet Company to perform in this off-the-path retreat for a unique art-viewing experience and unexpected dance performances and workshops.


“I jumped on the opportunity to celebrate and bring more attention to two things I appreciate very much: The arts and this town,” said Keese. “The goal is to bring nationally-acclaimed artists to this small community and provide workshops and studio for those who are not-so-well-known, while at the same time create a draw for visitors to come and discover this beautiful town and all it has to offer.” Today, I see the piece “Cloud City” by Tomas Saraceno on the hillside; the geometric mirrored reflections bouncing images of Colorado blue skies and deep forest greens within the massive sculpture usually at home on the rooftop of the Met. The 20-ton piece seems oddly at home nestled into the hillside for its temporary cross-country exhibition in the sleepy mountain town. The piece has since been removed and will be replaced this summer with a new art piece “10 Swings” a musical, interactive swing set.

outlook lodge-364ab1-1

I decide to stroll down the dirt main street to the picturesque gazebo that is the centerpiece of Green Mountain Falls. Surrounded by a small lake, locals fish in the waters while I soak in the sunshine on a park bench. Pike National Forest surrounds the town on three sides, the fresh mountain air is invigorating and sense of still a rarity in locations a mere thirty minutes from larger cities.


My room, one of the two Carriage House Bay Window Rooms, overlooks the sloping gardens of the lodge. Contemporary furniture and finishes compliment the Victorian rustic feel in an unexpected symbiosis. Ample light comes in from the bay windows, creating little nooks to be enjoyed throughout the day. Small touches appear throughout the property, from antique mailboxes to Pronghorn antlers, rich wood paneling to contemporary streamline finishes which only further the warmth and approachability of this retreat.


A perfect hideaway to spend hours on the porch enjoying a good read from The Outlook Lodge’s library or to appreciate unexpected artworks or performances, The Outlook Lodge is a hidden gem in Colorado. If needing an urban infusion, nearby Manitou Springs and Colorado Springs also supply a plethora of activities before returning the oasis in the pines, The Outlook Lodge.