Glamping on the Wild Side

Glamping is an adventure if anything, and if you are looking for ideas that are offbeat, unusual, or maybe even downright strange, you have a choice of unusual glamping accommodations around the world. Interestingly, the highest concentration of the truly offbeat seems to be in Europe, and in the UK in particular.

casa cubes
We’ll start off in Asia, where Casa de la Flora offers something unusual, intriguing, and highly luxurious. If you want your weird on the outside, but want it luxurious and modern on the inside, you’ll be happy with these cutting-edge cubes providing “architecture and unique design amid tropical nature.” The architects pay tribute to the namesake “flora” with living grass carpets covering the roofs of the villas.

From cubes to pods: Whitepod eco-luxury hotel and alpine experience blends the unusual with the natural seamlessly. The pods truly look like they belong in the landscape, especially in winter, when guests of this four-season resort can take advantage of the private ski slopes and dog sledding.

For a true “man cave” experience, check out Sextantio Le Grotte Della Civita in Italy, an amazing hotel of caves in the village of Matera in southern Italy. The proprietors of these ancient caves take their luxury seriously, going so far as to say, “Prehistoric man might never have ventured outside the caves if they had bathrooms like these.”

glamping thorpe bbq
Wagon ho! You won’t find the next two wagon accommodations on the frontier of the American West as you might expect. This first one, featuring a “gypsy wagon” as well as a “shepherd’s hut,” a “horse lorry,” and a “love shack” is located near Banbury, England, about an hour and thirty minutes drive northwest of London, should you decide to travel by modern vehicle.

NZ Wagon
You’ll find another wagon spot in New Zealand. The hosts of Wagonstays, Mike and Jasmine want you to know that their wagon has “all the authenticity and atmosphere from 1870, but with the comfort and luxury of home,” which is in evidence with satellite television, computer controlled showers, and glass doors that lead to a balcony.

tree pod
You’ve heard of pods and tree houses, but how about a pod in a tree? These glamping globes are referred to as “tree tents,” with the Red Kite Tree Tent resort found where else but the UK, this time in Wales. One look at it and you’ll immediately see how this round rental would make any Ewok envious. You can learn more by reading a previous blog entry by Kelly Thomson.

Next up is Ecocamp Glenshee, another UK property that relishes the offbeat accommodation, with a myriad of oddball abodes from which to choose: wooden pods, a “monster” yurt, and “shielings,” or shepherd’s huts, which are found here in the beautiful wilds of Scotland. The Monster Yurt is furnished with “mementos from the Near East,” and Shieling Mohr has a llama theme, and you can go llama trekking with resident llamas Jet, Atticus, and Bradford.

canopy stars big green bus
If all these choices aren’t enough to decide, you can go to the listing of Canopy & Stars, “a colourful collection of quirky accommodation.” These curators of crazy crash pads list glamping properties across much of Europe, and feature wonderfully oddball accommodations ranging from hobbit houses and tree houses to boats, pods, and even a big green bus! No matter how you go glamping, it’s an adventure, so why be normal? Indulge your inner glamping geek at any of these offbeat accommodations.

Spotlight: Casa de La Flora

Casa de La Flora in Thailand is one of the most intriguing new destination resorts to come along. It’s snatching up awards and making it on to the top lists of plenty of travel publications. Let’s take a look at what the buzz is all about.

First off, Casa de La Flora is located directly on the the beautiful, palm-fringed beach of Khao Lak. From the Phuket International Airport, it takes only one hour by car to reach the resort. There is no mistaking the resort because of the modern design and architecture. The luxurious, cube-shaped villas and friendly service are well-equipped to welcome guests from around the world.


The cutting-edge design and upscale amenities of Casa de La Flora are the first to reach Khao Lak. The location in tropical nature and unique buildings make the ideal getaway for a romantic couple or travelers looking for a luxury holiday experience.

The 36 cube-shaped villas were designed by VaSLab Architecture, commissioned in 2008 by one of leading Thai businessmen Sompong Dowpiset, this beachfront resort was aimed to serve as a new high profile but yet humble destination hotel in this beautiful town of the southern Thailand. The architect was given specific instructions to design a series of pool villas with the maximum ocean views possible. The owner challenged the architect to create a bold look of that still yields to warmness and nature. The resort dwellings also needed easy access to the must-have amenities and facilities including a reception lounge, swimming pool, pool bar, beachfront restaurant, spa, fitness, and library.


The modern architecture doesn’t stop with the outer structures, the interior spaces follow the same motif and lines with built-in beds, coffee tables, and built-in cabinets. The furniture is all custom-made by Anon Pairot Design Studio which carries over the thematic design elements. The same themes extend even into the landscaping and pathways. Extremely thoughtful desing and meticulous attention to details, if nothing else, gives you an idea of what to expect while staying here.

The glass-front villas widen the perspective of the natural surroundings and the ocean. Ten of the villas stand directly facing the beach. Each villa features its own private pool, and don’t forget the 24-hour butler service. Also built in to Casa de La Flora’s design are eco-friendly practices including an ozone (low-chemical) purification system for the swimming pools and waste-water and rain water recycling. Glamping is all about luxury, experiential travel, and being conscious of the environment.

Best of all, Casa de La Flora follows a philosophy of tailor-made experiences. The team is dedicated to making your stay as relaxed and as easy as possible. To make your stay extra special there is a range of unique day trips and activities. Options cover everything from cooking classes to deep-sea fishing trips and elephant tours to sunset cruises. You go on snorkeling and diving trips to the stunning nearby islands of Surin and Similan, take advantage of the resort’s choice of three boats and private pier, the only one along this stretch of coastline. There’s also the option to explore lesser-known marine worlds, whether that’s visiting the remote and unspoiled Tachai island, or taking a short ride along the coast to relax on the pristine sand of the resort’s private beach.


More personalized activities can also be organized, such as a romantic candlelit dinner at the base of a waterfall or chartering a seaplane to the island of Phi Phi. You can count on the Casa de La Flora team to work their magic to make it happen.

Learn more about booking a trip to Casa de La Flora.  Want more? Here’s a video tour to feast your eyes on: