Six Beautiful Architect Designed Glamping Destinations

These architect-designed dwellings combine the simplicity of camping with the luxurious appeal of a well-designed modern home!

So, for the modernist these six glamping sites offer you outdoors and architecture in the most exquisite settings possible.

Check out the six most well-designed glamping sites around Australia.

Permanent Camping
This place is set on a mountain off the grid, it was inspired by sub-Saharan African mud-brick structures. G3.4

The Humpy, Daintree
This multi-function 4×4-metre shed that locals dubbed “The Humpy” was prefabricated for $65,000 and includes trucking parts from Footscray. The architect made the structure, including a basic shower plus toilet, kitchen and laundry, to make family camping trips extremely comfortable. In addition, the added Rajasthani tent with the gold embroidered mirrors makes for a more romantic experience.

Turon House tent house
This tent-shaped structure is a one-room wooden cabin, its a tribute to the canvas beginning of the nearby gold towns. This Turon House, is currently connected to power and gives you the ultimate place to disconnect.

Dogtrot House
Dogtrot House, located on the South Coast of Australia, is named for the Southern US label. It has a central breezeway between the buildings, which has the kitchen and a shared public room on one side and the other bedrooms and a bathroom on the other. The point of the place was to keep the camping casualness while allowing the guests to have an easy and comfortable time in nature.

Container Campsite
This dwelling is located in Hunter Valley and is the ideal mountain biking terrain. It is repurposed shipping containers that have been turned into a simple-mechanism open-up/close-down campsite. These sound dwellings include a kitchen, bunk-room, bathrooms and utility room in a hard-camp compound that can bunk-sleep six.

Peter Stutchbury’s Tent
The creator of some of Australia’s most admired structures, has been taking his time to consider what he’s going to build on the land he has at Avalon. Using his experience, he has realized how little you need and is now building tent style houses such as these with canvas and a wooden platform for the most luxe experience possible in the great outdoors.

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