Patagonia: Off the Grid But on the Radar

When I told people I was going to Patagonia, first reactions were usually a mix of jealousy and confusion. Many people know the wilderness of Patagonia through the eponymous clothing company, but couldn’t find it on a map.


The mystique of Patagonia is perhaps its greatest allure. Straddling the Argentinian-Chilean border, many of the region’s more popular areas are an hours-long drive from the closest commercial airport. Traveling from the United States takes the better part of 24 hours, and cellular service is spotty at best. The result is a true off-the-grid experience, with nothing but beautiful nature as far as the eye can see.


Off-the-grid doesn’t have to mean without amenities, though. My three-night stay at Tierra Patagonia was marked by incredible lake and mountain views from my bedroom, delicious food and local wines, and excursions throughout Torres del Paine National Park. That’s not to mention the lodge’s stunning architecture, a beautiful mix of wood and glass that seamlessly blends with the landscape.

1047890_10152321199267814_37254140_oImage Credit: Explora Patagonia

For those who want to be inside the park, Explora Patagonia fits the bill. Perched above the Salto Chico waterfall and with direct views of the monstrous Paine Massif, the vistas are almost unbelievable.

8735328143_3a499f9b82_bImage Credit: EcoCamp Patagonia

Camp_9Image Credit: Patagonia Camp

For those looking to rough it a bit more, the domes, pods, cubes, and yurts at Patagonia Camp and EcoCamp Patagonia are ideal choices. Nestled amongst stands of trees, there’s no shortage of the requisite conveniences, but rather a closer connection with the surrounding nature.


Make sure to allow enough time to experience some of everything. You’ve traveled this far, so being in nature should probably be the first priority. However, allow enough time for a morning or afternoon off, perhaps the perfect time to reflect, have a spa treatment, or recharge after long days outdoors.


No matter how you spend your time in Patagonia, where you stay, or how you arrive, the natural beauty is sure to sweep you off your feet.

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