Oasis Glamping Domes

Oasis glamping domes offer you the most magical experience under the stars all year around.

A Lithuanian designer, Vytautas Puzeras, has created a beautiful transparent dome that is designed to let the the nature that surrounds in.

Puzeras was inspired to create the bubble-like dome after being unsatisfied with other portable dwellings, which made him detached from nature.

These amazing domes are made to take you a little closer to nature as the tent features a 360 degree views of your picturesque surrounding.

The Oasis domes, features tall curved framework with a clear exterior shell, giving guests a views of the encompassing the landscape.

These domes can be used in any type of environment and can withstand temperatures from -20° C to + 40° C.

Oasis domes consists of a series of fixed curved arches made from segmented veneer and a weather resistant clear skin.

In addition, the floor is made up of wood panels, which shelters a spacious storage capsule underneath.

Oasis can comfortably accommodate six guests and is tall enough to stand in.

The tent can be assembled by two people and takes around five hours to put up and take down.

Also, the internal circumference of the dome is equipped with a series of lightweight fabric curtains, which help provide shade from the sun and privacy during the evening.

However, the roof is always left uncovered, allowing guests to maintain the connection with the outdoors and take pleasure sleeping underneath the starry night sky.

The dome also comes equipped with a solar energy kit, which includes a photovoltaic panel and battery pack capable of supplying enough energy to power lighting, heating, a small refrigerator and other electronics.

Apart from being a relatively simple nature shack, the Oasis dome could be a great addition to any glamping trip or glamping retreat for the perfect outdoor adventure.






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