Neiman Marcus takes the Glamping Trend to New Heights

There is no shortage of glamping destinations around the world, however glamping is becoming a new trend with the media.

Glamping, glamorous camping, was recently mentioned in the new issue of the Neiman Marcus catalog.

The spread on all things luxury and camping is called, “Setting Up Camp.”

“In lieu of sleeping bags and fishing lines, we’ll opt for Persian rugs and strands of dew-kissed diamonds; champagne ice buckets instead of canteens,” as Neiman Marcus’s article so eloquently puts it.

As one can see, the spread shows consumers all things luxurious from clothing to bedding for the most luxe camping experience.

“We’ll rough it in furs, wander the woodlands in gowns — at night, tossing more logs on the fire and more pillows on the chaise. Yes, there’s fun in old-fashioned camping but, we know s’mores taste better on silver,” states the Neiman Marcus spread.

As the glamping trends grows, the more creative people are becoming with the trend, the Neiman Marcus article is the perfect correlation between glamping and fashion.

For more on the Neiman Marcus items that take camping to new levels check out their spread, “Setting Up Camp.”

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