More People Are Converting to Glamping

Glamping is a growing trend, and as it grows, more people are converting.

The ABC News article, “A Family, Wooed by Down-Covered Beds, Converts to ‘Glamping,'” shows just how amazing a glamping experience can be as one family looks for the perfect yet, price efficient vacation.

She planned a last minute trip to Yellowstone National Park and when everything was booked, she turned to

At first, the idea of glamping didn’t interest her as she thought they could just camp for free but, she decided to give it a try at Yellowstone Under Canvas since it wasn’t too pricey and it was the perfect mix of camping and lodging.

“I wasn’t sure what to expect. Glamping — a blended word for glamorous camping — was something I knew existed but had never considered trying. Why pay for something you can basically do for free?,” says, Traci Carl’s ABC News article.

After booking, she was pleasantly surprised by her experience with great customer service, and many options to choose from.

“The rest of the trip ended up being one of the best we’ve ever taken, despite the fact that my daughter was still struggling with her stomach bug. The front desk helped us locate and make an appointment with an urgent care center nearby, gave us warm tea and helped reschedule our horseback trip to a day when she felt better,” states Melchor.

Needless to say, at the end of her trip her kids cried because they had to leave and Traci and her husband are now glamping converts.

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