Ithaca, New York Joins Glamping Movement

After the first series of luxury tents were proposed, La Tourelle has decided to take more of an interest in the widely popular glamping movement.

The luxury tents come fully loaded with king size beds, writing desks and decks.

Hot tubs and Saunas are also available for use with just a short walk away.

With the success of the luxury tents that piloted last September they are teaming up with Firelight Camps to add more to the property.

They will be adding nine more luxury tents, that will be larger and used as a lobby, dining area, lounge, and kitchen tent for guests.

In addition, the tents will be used for storage, housekeeping, composting outhouses that include designs to improve the landscape.

Check out the tents and pricing on our bookings page, Ithaca by Firelight.

Source: The Ithaca Voice

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