Innovative Glamping Essentials

Check out these 6 Innovative products to enhance your next glamping experience helping you to stay connected, creative, and incredibly organized when you’re off on your next glamping adventure.


Mac owners, get ready to fawn over the best thing invented for the person whose computer is always full – just like me. Tardisk seamlessly permanently converts your computer into double the available storage. Next time you head out into nature, you can leave that extra hard drive at home and travel a little lighter with Tardisk.

Hyper USB
USB for Iphone

If you want to leave your computer behind all together and love traveling light and simply using just your iPhone to capture your adventures, you’ll want to make sure you’re backing them up. The Hyper USB (available in 8-64 gigs) has a lightning connector for your iPhone or iPad, making safe storage an easy option.


If you want to capture those memories and see them on paper right away, you’ll want to purchase Prynt, a travel size device you plug your iPhone into which turns your smartphone into a printer. All you have to do is attach the phone and viola!

Goal Zero Solar Panel

If you’re off glamping, it’s likely wherever you’re heading off to has lots of sunshine and little or no outlets for plugging in. Get a Goal Zero Solar Panel, it’s an earth friendly way to stay charged up throughout the day.

Pela Case
Pela Case

Why not bring a phone case out into nature that dissolves right back into it. Pela Case is an iPhone case made to be fully biodegradable back into the earth.

Wool + Oak Duffle Suitcase
Wool + Oak

Last but not least, here’s what you should pack all of it in. The rise of creative crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo have made it easier for innovative, well designed products to actually make it to market. I came across one that knocked my socks off last month – the Wool + Oak Duffle Suitcase. I don’t think I’ve seen a better duffle out there. Including three compartments, two built in shoe pockets, 13 utility pockets, and an attachable toiletry kit, these bags ship in September just in time for fall glamping.

Watch their witty video here on how it all works.

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