Treehouses for All

Ever wanted to live out your Swiss Family Robinson fantasy? How about just wanted to live amongst the branches? Why not hop on one of this year’s hottest glamping trends and give a treehouse a chance for your next trip?

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Dom’Up the latest Glamping Trend for Treehouses

Dom’Up is a new suspension style cabin and the latest invention on an innovative Treehouse.

This treehouse is easy to install and leaves no impact on the surrounding environment or the trees it is suspended on.

Dom’Up features a lightweight octagonal platform that is suspended between two trees, and is reportedly much better for the tree’s than regular treehouses.

In addition, the structure leaves no trace on the trees and each tree can adapt itself to constant tension, leaving no impact on the landscape.

Dom’Up uses a arboreal fixing system and is 172 square feet, it features a UV-resistant double canvas tent, protective roofing with thermo-welded tarpaulin, a large terrace and an open interior space.

The structure itself is made from galvanized steel, natural wooden flooring and external railing for additional security.

According to article: “Dom’Up takes camping in the trees to new heights,” it only takes two days to install and stay in the trees for years.

However, the ropes and straps need to be replaced every 5 years for safety reasons.

Dom’Up could make a great addition to any Glamping destination or resort to give guest the ultimate experience in the treetops.

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