Glamping on Moreton Island

Glamping, a new global trend, offers outdoor enthusiasts an upgraded travel experience.

Moreton Island Adventures, located in Australia, has just announced the arrival of glamping at Castaways.

Moreton Island is considered Australia’s premier natural island destination.

The island’s features include, white sandy beaches, crystal clear water, freshwater lakes and lagoons.

The glamping accommodations on the island offer guests the best of camping with the amenities of a hotel.

The glamping at Castaways accommodates both couples and families in tents that are burrowed next to the melaleuca trees of the island with beaches just a walking distance away.

At Castaways, they also offer glampers meal packages and the use of campsite kitchen or the option to eat at on site restaurants if they choose not to cook their own meals.

Each tent on Moreton Island is furnished with a queen size bed and a private bathroom, the tents fit up 2-4 guest at a time.

While your stay, activities include day tours of the island, snorkeling off the beach or tobogganing.

Escape from the constraints of urban living and de-stress with an unforgettable glamping trip to Moreton Island.

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