GLAMPING.COM Forecasts Top Five 2018 Experiential Travel Trends

Throughout the last decade, the glamourous camping or “Glamping” trend has developed into its own category of travel. Through a number of sources, the team of experts at GLAMPING.COM have refined their predictions on the top glamping travel trends – or continued growth interest areas – for 2018.



Here are five of GLAMPING.COM’s predictions on the hottest trends, growing in the glamping world.

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  1. Although people consider us too picky, me and my wife are always looking for traveling with style and a level of comfort which makes us feel good. Simply put, we believe in quality above quantity and we’re aiming for that ultimate experience that is going to stick with us for the rest of our lives! After all, what matters is the experience, right? Awesome trends, I already have a few ideas for our next 2018 adventures!

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