Floyd Fest Offers Glamping and Much More

Located just on top of Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountain, FloydFest gives festival goers melodies that can be heard throughout the campgrounds and stunning views of the scenery.

Because it is situated on a mountain, it keeps the size of the festival small nearing around 20,000 in attendance, which means no long lines and easy access to the front of the stages.

FloydFest was recently named among the 10 Best Southern Events by USA Today readers just right above Bonnaroo.

The theme of the festival this year is, fire on the mountain.

Festival goers can stay in style, as this year the Floyd Fest is offering glamping packages.

What’s glamping? Well, it’s camping plus glamour which equals “glamping.”

Glamping options are offered for those festival goers who don’t want to pack their own gear, set up their own tent and prefer flush toilets.

There are even glamping options, the festival has yurts, luxury tents and even pre-set up camping tents.

Not only is there glamping and a music festival, the location of the festival offers a small intimate picturesque place to be with many fun activities.

Some packages include nearby kayaking, hiking, biking and an award winning winery onsite.

So, not only do you get glamping with this festival you get music, fun and endless activities to choose from.

For the perfect mix of glamping, music, culture and endless activities check out the Floyd Festival.




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