DIY Glamping

Can’t wait until your next glamping vaca? Pin It has gone glam camping crazy, and we’re catching the DIY fever too.

The possibilities are endless. With all the glamping options out there it’s good to know what style of accommodations draws your attention. Canvas or dome? Isolated or in company? Check out this impressive lotus handcrafted tent running for $2500. It’s summer time and the intent of a glamping vacation is to be pampered and not worry about setup, labor, etc… but how about at the cabin or lake house? Adding an elegant canvas touch to refine the outdoors, a cozy zone for afternoon wine and cheese, can transform causal into tasteful.

But perhaps you’re looking for something to accommodate you while on the move. Or maybe the family wants to go camping but after a taste of glamping you just don’t find the concept of ‘roughing it’ appealing any more. We have a suggestion: The Camper.

Yes, the camper is back. It’s ‘cool again’ according to Mehrzeller, and their modern take on the camper trailer is the epitome of cool. This is a multicellular caravan customized before purchase, and it looks like a futuristic home-hive. Then there’s the more traditional fold out caravan to offer maximum space, such as “De Markies” (The Awning) by Bohtlingk. They feature their caravan set by a river with one side fully covered and the other providing shade for a fisherman dangling his feet playfully off the side of his temporary living space. A portable home and a dock all in one! Never a dull moment when searching through the trends…

Glamping is all about personalizing comfort. It’s for us nomads-at-heart who can’t bear to lose the finer luxuries when it comes to living indoors or out. Naturally, if you are as excited as we are, you’ll want to share the passion of glamping. What better way to do that than by incorporating the concept into your events? For the next family reunion try a modern tent festival. With A/C and chef prepared food, of course! Glamping has become a widespread theme for weddings as well. If you have ownership of any large and tranquil pastures it’s a theme you might want to consider. It’s all about Pinterest lately, so let’s continue the theme with some unique wedding accents to add to your glamping happily-ever-after occasion.

Glamping is rustic and ethereal. Candles are a must and candles in mason jars are even better. Flowers EVERYWHERE (for the ladies) and oak-barrel tables are something we can all obsess over. Vintage everything, and, naturally, you’ll want to add in some archery or potato bag races for entertainment. If you want to go to the extreme bring in some horses for an evening ride into the sunset.

Resorts might be offering the best of glamping, setting the bar high for DIY projects, but rising to the challenge is worth it. It may take storage and preparation time to add the subtle essentials like restaurant quality food and five star bedroom amenities – but watching the stars unobstructed at night with the promise of a signature hideaway is a payoff all it’s own.

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