Whitepod – Switzerland’s Winter/Summer Eco Retreat

Some destinations you just have to “see to believe” – Whitepod in Switzerland falls squarely in this category. Dome-shaped pods 1700 meters up in the Swiss Alps is the stuff of glamping genius.

At first glance Whitepod’s geodesic domes look like igloos, and efforts are made so they blend in with the surrounding landscape. In winter the white canvas matches the blanket of snow covering the mountainside and in summer they are covered in green material to match the mountain vegetation. Guests have access to 3 private lifts which can be operated 24 hours a day upon request. Staying in a pod on the mountain is probably not your first thought when planning a ski vacation, but now that you know, good luck trying to get it out of your head.

insidePhoto: Whitepod website

Whitepod describes their experience as going back to summer camp as an adult except with the comfort of a 5-star hotel. The dome pods are anchored to wooden platforms. The large bay windows provide a breathtaking view of the Alps and let in a healthy dose of sunshine. Each pod is decorated with unique antiques from the region along with a king-size bed, full bathroom, wood-burning stove, and a terrace. The pods are set up to accommodate 2 to 4 people.

Whitepod is a successful combination of ecotourism and luxury. It’s an understatement to say that Whitepod is an alternative to a hotel room. Isolate yourself from urban pollution and sleep in a pristine alpine environment. Whitepod limits its impact on the environment by minimizing daily electricity and water consumption, reducing waste production, and favoring renewable resources. You’ll quickly notice that Whitepod has taken great care not to sacrifice any comforts. For relaxation you can visit a Finnish sauna, Japanese bath, or get a massage at the chalet Les Cerniers.

summerPhoto: Whitepod website

The Pod-house and Les Cerniers restaurant will take care of you if you’re hungry. The Pod-house is the central meeting point of the camp as well as the breakfast area with hot and cold buffet. Les Cerniers offers traditional but refined cuisine. Camping without preparing your own food is a fundamental part of glamping.

Whitepod’s public meeting spots are heated by wood until nine in the evening. Guests going back home after dinner find the pods are still warm from being heated all day. High-quality insulation ensures that the very minimum of the heating goes to waste. When it’s really cold out, you might have to add more wood at night. The staff explains how to work everything upon the guests’ arrival. And, if you need to get up and go there’s a little electric heater in the bathrooms keeping them warm constantly.

dogsledPhoto: Whitepod website

Guests have their choice of traditional and more adventurous types of mountain recreation.  In the winter skiing and snowboarding for beginners and intermediates is available on runs totaling 7 km and is accessed via the 2 private chairlifts. The winter is also great for experiencing dog-sledding, snowshoeing, and snow-trekking. In the summertime, hiking, paragliding, dog karting, photography workshops, and survival course are among the variety of options.

Whitepod was inspired by the desire to create a peaceful, regenerative experience in a place of beauty with virtually no impact on the surrounding environment. Learn more about making a reservation at Whitepod.

Glamping in Italy at Canonici di San Marco

At Canonici di San Marco, guests are welcomed with open arms by owners Frederico and Emanuela.  This glamping destination features two luxury tented lodges on raised wooden platforms.  Each lodge features a bed appointed with quality linens, electricity, Wi-Fi, and private bathrooms with showers and toilets.  The lodges are each decorated in a chic and sophisticated style which pays tribute to nature through the use of natural materials such as iron, wood and stone, and to history with the use of antique and repurposed furnishings.  Much of the furniture in the glamping lodges are collected by Frederico and Emanuela during their travels and represent different corners of the world.  Each lodge features numerous plants and flowers inside and out to inspire a feeling of symbiosis with nature.  Even bath time feels special with original aluminum bathtubs from England that have been transformed into showers, handmade soaps from Provence, and a ceramic hand basin built from the gate to an old Sicilian brothel. The huge bathroom features a panoramic view of the nearby wheat fields.  The lodges also feature a wide terrace with sunshades and chaise longues where guests can relax and take in the tranquil oasis that Frederico and Emanuela have created.

Canonici di San Marco could almost be considered a sophisticated, glamping bed and breakfast. The canvas lodges are located in Frederico and Emanuela’s expansive backyard.  Each morning breakfast is thoughtfully prepared and includes homemade pastries which can be enjoyed on the veranda of the main house or on the private terrace to your lodge.  Glamping guests are consistently amazed with the level of service and attention to detail at Canonici di San Marco.  From the moment guests arrive, when greeted with a chilled bottle of DOC Prosecco, it is apparent that Frederico and Emanuela have thought of everything.


For guests looking to experience the beauty of Venice without having to stay within the hustle and bustle of city limits, Canonici di San Marco provides the perfect compromise.  Guests at this glamping destination can reach Venice via short walk or bike ride (mountain bikes are provided) to a train station, and then a 20 minute ride into Venice which drops you off right at the top of the Grand Canal.  The city of Padua is also a short train ride away.